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In the Middle Ages, the ceremony was frequently performed in the synagogue – and still is today in some communities.

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Some rabbinic midrash claims that a number of biblical heroes were born circumcised ( 2).

Rabbinic explanations of circumcision are not concerned with the philosophical and medical rationales claimed by later sources, but with the sanctification of a divine commandment.

- History - Rabbinic Attitudes & Halachic Legislations - Philosophical Rationales - Magical and Mystical Understandings of Circumcision - Modern Responses - Implications for Jewish Women - Ritual in Practice - Ceremonies It seems that Abraham did not start the practice of circumcision; rabbinic legend suggests that it was known before (Gen. ): "Surely a bridegroom of blood (ḥatan damim) art thou to me." The Hebrew term translated as "bridegroom" is connected with the Arabic for "to circumcise" (see Hatan Damim).

Circumcision was not merely a religious practice; it also took on a national character.

This is done by puncturing the skin of the glans with a scalpel or needle and allowing a drop of blood to exude.

If the eighth day is a Sabbath or festival, the circumcision must nevertheless take place (266:2) unless the child is born by Caesarean section, when it is postponed to the next weekday.According to a midrash, when a Roman official asked R. After the *Bar Kokhba revolt the rabbis apparently instituted peri'ah (laying bare of the glans), probably in reaction to attempts to "obliterate the Seal of the Covenant" by epispasm.Oshaya why God had not made man as he wanted him, he replied that it was in order that man should perfect himself by the fulfillment of a divine command (Gen. According to Tractate Shabbat 19:2, circumcision and peri'ah became part of a unified process in which the mohel disposed of all or most of the foreskin and then split the thin layer of mucosal membrane that is under the foreskin and rolled it downward to uncover the head of the penis.Religious leaders at that time differed about the necessity for circumcision of proselytes. Joshua held that a proselyte needed only ritual immersion (Yev. The custom of circumcision seems to have spread among the Romans in the Diaspora under the influence of the Jewish community in Rome.Hadrian again proscribed it, and this was one of the causes of the Bar Kokhba rebellion.In most modern communities, he has been specially trained in the principles of asepsis and in the technique of circumcision and has received rabbinic recognition.

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