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I was at my wits end with my Aspergers daughter when a friend of mine suggested that I visit this website and try the Launching Adult Children With Aspergers Guide. I'd tried many things and nothing seemed to work with my aggressive, rude 20-year-old.

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She's happier and more confident than I've ever seen her.” ~ Jason & Margie D.

There's always an explanation: A 23-year-old Aspergers college grad wants to hold out for the right job rather than jump into an underpaid makeshift position.

Any caregiver is equally likely to become the principal attachment figure if they provide most of the child care and related social interaction.

In the presence of a sensitive and responsive caregiver, the infant will use the caregiver as a "safe base" from which to explore.

It may be very difficult to move away from a job that wasn't done perfectly, especially parenting, but parenting skills were never designed to work for grown children.

We need to define the limits of our relationships with them and our involvement in their problems, since those are the only limits we can set now.

Our job now is to come to terms with the choices we've made in our own lives, abandon some dreams and commit to fulfilling others, allow the silenced voices inside us to be heard, and make the most of the time that's left.

We can do that - we must do that - regardless of whether our kids ever achieve what we still believe is their golden, unlimited potential.

We need to find ways to stay in meaningful contact with them while we work through our own midlife tasks of coming to terms with our gains and losses, reconsolidating our identity, and reclaiming our lives now that we have reached the limits of our parental role.


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  2. Young Web users with three or four of these characteristics were 5 to 11 times more likely to be victimized, the report concluded.

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