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Whatever the reason, young adults on the autism spectrum are returning home -- or never leaving -- in increasing numbers (e.g., following graduation, the dissolution of a relationship, the loss of a job, etc.).

They often live rent-free and subsidized, with no scheduled date for departure.

In the absence of an acute crisis or devastating financial setback, the consensus is that moms and dads should look twice at the reasons they continue to shelter their grown offspring.

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I was at my wits end with my Aspergers daughter when a friend of mine suggested that I visit this website and try the Launching Adult Children With Aspergers Guide. I'd tried many things and nothing seemed to work with my aggressive, rude 20-year-old.

Within two weeks of using the techniques, I started noticing a dramatic difference in her.

Testimonial: “Within JUST TWO WEEKS of starting this program, I noticed my daughter was less needy and dependent.

She was the one who actually took the initiative to talk to my friend (who owns a gift shop) about part-time employment.

Any caregiver is equally likely to become the principal attachment figure if they provide most of the child care and related social interaction.

In the presence of a sensitive and responsive caregiver, the infant will use the caregiver as a "safe base" from which to explore.Our job now is to come to terms with the choices we've made in our own lives, abandon some dreams and commit to fulfilling others, allow the silenced voices inside us to be heard, and make the most of the time that's left.We can do that - we must do that - regardless of whether our kids ever achieve what we still believe is their golden, unlimited potential.Because we've done that -- whether we think we flunked or passed parenting, it's over.We won't get another chance at it, which is the good as well as the bad news.Rents are inflated, so a 27-year-old Aspergers daughter moving out of her boyfriend's apartment couldn't possibly afford a place of her own.

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