Kdc cant fulfill requested option while validating credentials walkthrough updating the mfc scribble application

The second setting enables Dynamic DNS updates to run under certain conditions, specifically when SSSD restarts, hence we restart it.If you have aging/scavenging enabled on your Domain Controller’s DNS server you may want to drop a script in /etc/cron.daily/ to just restart the SSSD service on a daily basis which will initiate a DNS update.

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Today we will be using a suite of tools called SSSD. Furthermore we will be using Realm D, which is a “wrapper” of sorts for SSSD that makes it easier to setup and configure. read this: How To Choose A Sensible Local Domain Name – There are really good reasons not to use a “fake” TLD or to use what are honestly often traditional Microsoft conventions like .local – I ran into a world of headache with Ubuntu using a .local TLD when I tried to do this the first time through!

If your company has already standardized on .local I will be writing something separate about how to handle it because Ubuntu Desktop has some issues with it and for good reason…

I feel like I have a lot more control and understanding vs.

PBIS but that also might just be having a few more years under my belt compared to my first attempt.

The USERNAME format should be: I tried with my nbeam account first, which should NOT have sudoer permissions. I then tested with the jdoe account and could login and elevate and the same with the administrator account.

I finally added one more dummy account in Active Directory with no group memberships and attempted to login and got denied. Enabling Desktop Authentication Finally, we need to enable a few more things to get authentication into the GUI desktop working.However I get the feeling that SSSD is a much better package and with Redhat behind it I would imagine it will continue to get updated over time.That all being said, the above was a bit heavy as far as the amount of work required so I plan on scripting the majority of it and I will provide my results as an update on this post at a later time.Now it is time for the first test of domain authentication.Open up an SSH session to your server and try to login with your domain credentials.Then the pertinent part of the rest of the message that follows after the above: Followed by yet another DNS error “ERROR_DNS_GSS_ERROR” and then finally a note about the SSSD service starting and “successfully enrolled machine in the realm.” You can now check to make sure your machine is truly joined by running realm list: uid=270401106([email protected]) gid=270400513(domain [email protected]) groups=270400513(domain [email protected]),270400572(denied rodc password replication [email protected]),270400512(domain [email protected]),270401104([email protected])As a side note, if you change group memberships on your domain controller midway through but “id [email protected]” is still not showing the updated groups, then use the command “sss_cache –users” to clear the credentials cache and then try again, that should tell Ubuntu to fetch their user info fresh from the DC.


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