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Two weeks later, Peter did call saying he had four tickets to a concert and would very much like Amy to join him and his friends for dinner and the concert .

Amy realized that since the separation, she felt very lonely weekend after weekend and that maybe she should go. When Peter dropped her off in front of her home following the concert, he asked if he could call her again and Amy, though still apprehensive about it all, said yes.

Later that year Amy finally accepted his proposal and they got married the following March.

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Amy told him that she had no intention of making long term plans at this point in her life, that her children were her priority and that she was still trying to recover from her divorce. I know we are made for each other, but I understand your need to take things slowly.

They continued to see each other now that each had made things very clear to the other. Amy responded that as much as she enjoyed their time together and was very touched by his request, she could not make any commitment. You just let me know when you are ready.” Peter asked on a couple of other occasions and again got turned down, but maintained his position.

He said that as much as he enjoyed her company, he was not in for the long term and did not want to mislead her into believing that they could have a future together.

He added that he would understand if she did not want to continue seeing him.

Post divorce, facing your “new” life can be somewhat daunting.

Facing the world of dating and a new romantic life can be down right terrifying.

” Amy who had not been in such a situation for almost twenty years, was very nervous.

Not wanting to seem rude, when Peter asked for her telephone number she gave it to him, thinking that he would probably never call anyway.

After that, they saw each other almost every weekend.


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