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Later that year Amy finally accepted his proposal and they got married the following March.That was twenty years ago and each day, they count their blessings and are amazed that they found each other or, as Amy says, that Peter found her and had the insight to be patient and wait while she was trying to get back on her feet. And sometimes it finds you even when you don’t go looking for it!Amy told him that she had no intention of making long term plans at this point in her life, that her children were her priority and that she was still trying to recover from her divorce. I know we are made for each other, but I understand your need to take things slowly.

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Two weeks later, Peter did call saying he had four tickets to a concert and would very much like Amy to join him and his friends for dinner and the concert .

Amy realized that since the separation, she felt very lonely weekend after weekend and that maybe she should go. When Peter dropped her off in front of her home following the concert, he asked if he could call her again and Amy, though still apprehensive about it all, said yes.

Peter asked Amy if she would have dinner with him one night to which Amy responded “Thank you, but I cannot say yes.

I am recently separated and not dating.” Peter responded “We don’t have to date, we can just have dinner!

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