Russian dating man woman 2016

Eigentlich müsste es dieses Festival in Regensburg schon längst geben, denn seit vielen Jahrhunderten begreift sich diese Stadt als Brücke zwischen Ost und West.

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"But we got married in a church, so I had to go back to Russia, to the church where I was baptized.

I took a certificate there [showing] that I am a Christian."But if you do marry in Russia, what documents do you need?

The transformation of a virtual romance into a real one was hampered by many things: studies, work, visas and her fiancé's army service.

Sofia and Vitaly have got engaged and agreed on the wedding only now, after another four years."I hope to deal with the formalities in a couple of weeks, and get married in a month or two," says Sofia.

The main thing is just to be able to enter the country.

In Latvia, Sofia needs to get a certificate of marital status – polygamy and polyandry are prohibited in Russia.

And if a foreigner who was previously married wants to get married in Russia, they will have to prove their single status with one more piece of paper – a divorce certificate or spouse’s death certificate. There you will get a bank account number to pay a state duty, which is 350 rubles (.5).

If you get this far, the hardest part is behind you and you are at the finish line. In different cities, different branches work with foreigners. With all the documents and a duty payment receipt, the tired couple crawls back to the register office and fills out a marriage application.

Die Architektur der Grenzziehungen wird in den Fotografien freigestellt und der Blick so auf das einzelne Zollgebäude konzentriert.

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