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Corpse hotels might just be a necessary evil when a country starts dying quickly.They are storing their relative's ashes in tiny statues, which get housed in protected glasses cases inside designated temples.

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For the past two years, Japan's government has sponsored speed dating events around the country.

People are encouraged to go on multiple dates in the hopes they'll eventually get hitched and have kids.

You can come in at any time you want to find the potential love of your life!

The cafe is designed to give you a simple and clean atmosphere.

It had all the trappings of motherhood, except it existed only in the digital realm. As they get more developed, these robots will come to serve a number of purposes, including keeping the resident company, picking them up if they can do it themselves, monitoring their health, and responding to commands.

The device, known as HAL for Labor Support, sits on the user's waist and picks up bioelectric signals from his or her muscles to aid movement. Sales of these robots are expected to have reached 12,400 units between 20, according to a 2015 Merrill Lynch report.

Anne Coste's father was actually himself a bouilleur de cru, she told me how he began to work in this trade : Albert Méan was a farmer, being the only child in his family he had no choice but to take the farm (consisting mainly in cows and cereals) in charge after his parents, so in order to bring some distraction from the routine of the farm, he jumped on the opportunity in 1975 to buy the small ambulant distiller's business in the village when its owner retired.

This ) had a couple of distillers on a trailer and he would drive to different villages in the area where his clients would bring their fermented fruit to have it distilled, like this mobile distillery I reported on several years ago.

Should the conversation turn awkward, the cafe thoughtfully provides a tablet loaded with music and other contents for patrons to use. Note that the men are rotated every thirty minutes while the women stay seated. Once you feel a spark between you and your tablemate, you can exchange phone numbers and if there’s a match, folks can leave at any time.

Unlike other regular speed dating parties, Aiseki Cafe is open all day with no reservations required.

But we came in this village on our way back to Paris for a small artisanal distillery after reading about it in Le Bien Public, the regional newspaper.


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