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According to the site, it offers a "unique dating opportunity" to men and women "looking to add a little diversity to their love lives, meeting that special American woman next door, or that dashing British gentleman you've been waiting for is simple on our easy to use interface." Yes, at last, dating national stereotypes can be easy.Date British is the brainchild of one cross-cultural couple: Ben Elman, Brit, 30, and Rebecca Elman, Yank, 24. Three years later, after he had moved stateside, they married.But where we love their accents and quirks, they love ours.

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With the new site, Elman has said he’s “on a mission to pass on the love my wife and I have to the rest of the world.” The couple’s story is currently listed on the website’s “success stories,” and thus far it’s the only one.

[...] “It’s the idea of the prince,” Mrs Elman, who is originally from Connecticut, explained.

And I don’t know how successful the site will be, but it certainly seems to have gotten off on the right foot.

Part of the "fun" of travel is "meeting" attractive peoples from other countries.

We're so rude We are daunting people to try and make tea for We've been exposed to different music, movies and TV, meaning there is just TOO MUCH to talk about But luckily, we love American women as much as they love British men If you're a British boy and you find yourself an intelligent American girl, you'll be surprised by what they know about your country and hopefully won't be asked if the UK is the Ukraine (I have genuinely been asked this while in the states).

It is a fantasy that has played out in the minds of young British men for generations.

The site took advantage of an event that already had everyone one focused on U. We shouldn’t forget how beneficial major cultural events can be to our businesses, even if they don’t seem at first glance to have anything to do with, say, soccer (or should I say football? Date British took their fun concept, and made it even more fun, by linking it with a popular event, and providing free beer (always a winner) and cute T-shirts reading “BRITISH MEN WANTED” for the ladies.

Relations(no, not the oil spill): they had the launch party at an East Village pub during the U. A perfect match (excuse the pun): the World Cup is not only an extremely popular event, in the case the pub was guaranteed to be full of Brits and Americans, the site’s target.

Those few thousand miles of water may be upsetting and inconvenient, but without it we wouldn't be so wonderfully different.

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