jaipur dating - Updating your range rover navigation system

I've bought updates from them twice, and the same errors have existed from one update to the next.The newer disk is actually newer with updated maps and such.

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As time goes on, new roads are built, and new developments pop up, your sat nav will inevitably become out of date.

Updating your sat nav will ensure all maps are current, shaving time off your journeys and ensuring you don't get lost!

He was a lawyer driving a BMW, but decided to act on his fondness for Defenders. Soon, his friends were asking about them, and he started finding new ones. Queen Elizabeth, who, when she is not decked out in crown and gown, has been seen driving her Defender through the back woods of her country estates.

"My favorite part of this is finding the vehicles," he says. S., disappearing from 1987 to 1993 when only the Range Rover was in showrooms. For all of its regal owners, it's hardly a fancy vehicle.

I've just ordered a Panasonic unit which supports Apple Car Play for my Audi. Now if I could get the same thing into the LR that would be nice..methinks MOST is not going to cooperate.

What you say above is pretty much how I understand it.

It appears that the most current Navteq DVD North America, (USA & Canada), navigation disk for our 3 is dated 2011-2012.

One is listing for about 0 on e Bay now and I guess others will show as time goes on.

Matt Perlman has made a business out of importing and refurbishing old Land Rover Defenders, the Jeep-type truck probably best known as the vehicle of choice for African safaris.


  1. And we say “dated” ’cause, you know, nothing was ever confirmed.

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