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If done properly these books would make more money at the box office than Robin Hood or Brave Heart or any other action packed love story every written.My husband is a John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, movie fan, and he has found the audio version of these books interesting when we vacation.

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The story is so rich that it would appeal to all audiences.

Yes, there is romance as the two main characters meet and fall in love - but a "romance" in the strict genre-sense it is not. I would love, love, love, to see a movie made from this series.

Yeah there is love and some hot sex (men can dig that can't they? I would say it could very well be like Braveheart - there was love and stuff in that wasn't there? 8 The "bad guy" is Jack Randall (Black Jack Randall), and he is evil to be sure.

Jamie is short for James Alexander Malcom Makenzie Frazier, and probably the most compelling hero ever written.

Essential has fast-tracked the project and is hoping to quickly get it into production sometime next spring.

I'm not at all familiar with the books, so we'll rely on Amazon reviewers to provide some further insight.Quite frankly, I'd rather see this as a 12-hour mini-series on HBO, where they can really delve into the story.10 First, its been optioned before, as a TV mini-series but the option expired.9 They're not your typical bodice-ripping Harlequin romance novels.There's blood, witch trials, soirees with French society, voodoo rituals..are fantastic books and I am re-reading the series now for the umpteenth time.This is the Harry Potter of romance series, and it's a wonderful, if lengthly, read. The books are fantastic and there is nothing gay about these books...well, except for one or two characters. I hope the screen does them proud and hope that us Outlander fans won't be disappointed. It's amazing and I've been waiting for years for it to be adapted into a film.


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  6. The data are from the MTO Final Impacts Evaluation, which took place in 2008-2010 (10 to 16 years after families were randomly assigned).

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