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And although The RKO Keiths has landmark status it is sad that it will never again be as it once was. Meredith Is there anyone who may assist me w/a digital camera?

A large and ornate water fountain, with water spitting from it to its pool below, stood in the center of the grand lobby.

On the right was the mens rest room which had and enormous sitting area, like an old library, before entry to the lavatory.

Backstage and behind the theatres huge screen would stand tremendous speakers, some the height of the screen.

There also could be found the dimmer levers that would control the house lights.

On the left was the womans room, adorned much the same. There were two curved staircases that rose to the upper lobby and second rest rooms.

On this level you would also find additional seating for relaxing while you might wait for your date.

I took ballet lessons at "JJ's Dance Studio" around the corner and attended PS 135.

Any info ont he house or neighborhood would be greatly appreciated:-)Just enjoyed another visit to your site.

The theatre was truly magnificent being the second largest theater in New York State. Radio City is still the only theatre that tops it with seating for 5000.

As you approached the RKO, with its grand Marquee, large brass and glass doors and outside ticket booth, you just knew you would be in for a real treat.

Went to the Lefferts movie house and the old Casino on Liberty ave. Remember the old Fulton Flyer at Liberty and lefferts.


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