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My room had a full bathroom and large dressing area, much the size of many of todays studio apartments.In the basement could also be found the large water cooled air conditioning plant with a blower room and blower that would stand many stories high.

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Went to the Lefferts movie house and the old Casino on Liberty ave. Remember the old Fulton Flyer at Liberty and lefferts.

My great grandfather, Ronald Gillies, moved his family from Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Richmond Hill sometime after 1910. Manuella), Francis, Richard/Duncan, Florence, Vincent. Albert Campbell, the recording star was my great grandmother's brother. For many years prior, it was well know as the Vaudeville House of Long Island.

It was my first job, at age sixteen, and Gregory Pecks film To Kill a Mockingbird was just released, but to this day it brings back the fondest memories of an era long gone.

Dressed in a two toned blue uniform with gold epaulettes and braid, and a white cardboard dickey and black bowtie, you would be treated like royalty.

It took all your strength to open the door to the room with the system on.

My fondest memories of that point in time was when I had the honor of meeting Bob Hope and Lucille Ball, who made a stage appearance for their movie.

I would like to reunite it with its' owner or family. The door had a mail slot and the numbers of the house across the front. I moved to Vermont when I was 9 or 10 and haven't seen the house since.

Anyone out there who can give me a lead with this I would appreciate it! It was great fun in that neighborhood...a woman named Mrs Sanchez threw block parties with rides for children, often these parties where fundraisers for a cause.

A large and ornate water fountain, with water spitting from it to its pool below, stood in the center of the grand lobby.

On the right was the mens rest room which had and enormous sitting area, like an old library, before entry to the lavatory.

The theatre was truly magnificent being the second largest theater in New York State. Radio City is still the only theatre that tops it with seating for 5000.


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