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My daddy was talking to a Chinese man named Michael, saying that he and his family to moved from California and he said that no one came to visit him or anything. A couple of nights after he and his family settle, someone threw a rock in their window.In Cartersville, a Latino lady moved there and no one came to greet her or anything.

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I hope and pray racism is dying more rapidly than some think. " I laughed, but as we moved deeper into the neighborhood more and more middle aged black men began to act in an intimidating fashion with body language and looks. The rest of the state is redneck central though, especially the southern half of the state.

Finally, some of our girls began to cry and we turned around and left. I grew up in New York City and I know "street language" both physical and verbal. That being said, Atlanta is perhaps the most prosperous city for blacks in the US and it's known as "Black Hollywood" for a reason.

Georgia, "Capital of The South" as the saying goes.

To me it is more like the headquarters of segregation.

Got jacked up in Georgia because I would not tell people what I did to earn all my money (I had my own business and worked two part-timers).

Would not let any of the creeps, both male and female move in with me, got SO tired of the SO many moochers down there that as a lady I was supposed to be stupid nice to them even though I was smart enough to tell them all to f$&! Was arrested for nothing, absolutely nothing, but when I won my case I had to again disappear because of all of my "new" friends.The dirty south is an appropriate name for the white infested cesspool.Georgia has a high crime rate contributed to the white man's desire to keep in power. To be honest for the most parts in the suburbs and urban areas you don't have to worry even if they are racist they may say something slick or a glare nothing out of the usual. My dad always said he was happy I was born a girl because I don't have to deal with that kind of pull you over search your car call the K9 unit treatment.Where women and minorities know their place, and for the most part, stay there. Realized that Georgia was founded by criminals later. Sentencing Commission to make punishments the same for crack cocaine and powdered cocaine. I am originally from New York City and I moved to Atlanta to experience racism from other blacks. I have been let go from a job because this idiot felt he had to have an "all white" staff. My mother and my stepfather are veterans and on the 4th of July, in certain locations, veteran's can receive extra discounts or free meals entirely.Too ..To the black man who was born in Los Angeles... You said the George Bush was the reason people had to go to prison for crack laws... Washington -- President Clinton signed into law yesterday a bill to continue punishing crack-cocaine crimes far more severely than powder-cocaine crimes -- a difference that civil rights activists say is racist."I am not going to let anyone who peddles drugs get the idea that the cost of doing business is going down," Mr. Don't move here this place does not respect women and children. It's hard to live here without people of all colors suffering in some way. It was really hurtful to see my own people treat each other that way. We went out to eat at some steakhouse in Peachtree City.The metro Atlanta area is place is where as soon as a couple of decent black people move in to a white area you will soon see a convoy of moving trucks with whites fleeing like refugees in a war.


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