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They let you verify that the whole application, including its user interface, is functioning correctly.

When you have added all your assertions for your test, choose OK.

To generate the code for your assertions and add the control to the UI map, choose the Generate Code icon.

events are only used when updating UICues or when writing custom controls.

Instead the Enter and Leave events should be used for all controls except the Form class, which uses the Activated and Deactivate events.

If you simply want to directly access some business logic, you might code a unit test.

However, under certain circumstances, it can be beneficial to include testing of the various UI controls in your application.

Alternatively, if you have a test case that was recorded in Microsoft Test Manager, you can generate code from that.

For more information, see Record and play back manual tests.

For example, when you test a Windows Form or a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application, there might be custom code.

Or, there might be special behavior defined for hovering over a control, such as a tree node expanding when a user hovers over it.

This is demonstrated in the following illustration, where the context menu in Internet Explorer will lose focus and disappear if you try to select it with the Add Assertions tool.


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