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It may seem that panic disorder is simply an overreaction to fear, however, it is actually a complex condition with many difficult symptoms.Learning more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for panic disorder can help you have a better idea in what to expect from your dating partner.

"She deserves to have the same health care as everybody else," says Taylor when asked about Christy, who is her constituent. We have a system that has done nothing to support her." Taylor promises to help Christy find the care she needs and have it covered by OHIP.

The Frances are worried about losing their house — the one safe place in the world for Christy.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that causes fear of public places, particularly places where the person has had a panic attack.

In Canada, it affects between 0.5 and one per cent of the population.

On weekday afternoons they leave their bungalow, clamber into the car, drive around the block to their mailbox, grab whatever's inside and return home. He made gigantic sandwiches for his lunch and persuaded her to eat half. On Christmas Eve 2010 they married in a small ceremony on the football field at Hill Park. Her eating disorder prevented her from completing her program. Christy has been inside virtually every minute since. Sometimes she can't bear to have him leave her in a room alone. "He danced with me to try to keep me calm," she says fondly, offering a rare smile.

The entire routine takes about two stressful minutes. "I felt like everything I'd worked so hard for just blew up in my face," she says. "I just kept crossing things off the list that I could do." The anxiety would come over her suddenly while she was out. But the effort didn't work and eventually the doctor, who was not trained to deal with agoraphobia, stopped the visits after they agreed she needed an expert's help. The treatment, known as "exposure therapy," involves confronting the patient's fears.

Neither she nor Chris recalls the last time they had a visitor apart from Chris's dad, who comes by occasionally. Yeah, I could go out and find another wife and have kids, but this is the life I've chosen. At Hill Park Secondary School, when she was 14, Christy was sexually assaulted by another student. She stopped eating (she dumped her lunches in mailboxes) and withdrew from friends who noticed. While doing that, she got treatment for her bulimia. "We called it 'Fresh Co Friday Night,'" Chris recalls. Though she has cut her fee in half to for Christy, the single session each week is a drain on their scant household budget. Christy collects Ontario Works and is applying for ODSP. "How is that 'universal health care' if it's not accessible?

She has been vomiting all morning, anxious about my arrival. I'm not leaving her because she needs help." Christy is friendly, smart, insightful and painfully honest about the mental illness that traps her inside her house. "In May and June of this year, I never left the bedroom. Eventually, she was sent to therapy and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and bulimia. "I'd pretty much gained control over that, but then my anxiety kicked in." Beginning in 2007, anxiety caused her to throw up all the time at her job at Zellers. On this particular evening, they were in the checkout line when it happened. " When I put that question to the Ministry of Health, the answer was brief and unhelpful to Christy.

The results of the authors' research efforts to date support the idea that the panic-agoraphobic spectrum is a robust and culturally transferable construct with important clinical implications for patients with mood and anxiety disorders.

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