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On weekday afternoons they leave their bungalow, clamber into the car, drive around the block to their mailbox, grab whatever's inside and return home. He made gigantic sandwiches for his lunch and persuaded her to eat half. On Christmas Eve 2010 they married in a small ceremony on the football field at Hill Park. Her eating disorder prevented her from completing her program. Christy has been inside virtually every minute since. Sometimes she can't bear to have him leave her in a room alone. "He danced with me to try to keep me calm," she says fondly, offering a rare smile.The entire routine takes about two stressful minutes. "I felt like everything I'd worked so hard for just blew up in my face," she says. "I just kept crossing things off the list that I could do." The anxiety would come over her suddenly while she was out. But the effort didn't work and eventually the doctor, who was not trained to deal with agoraphobia, stopped the visits after they agreed she needed an expert's help. The treatment, known as "exposure therapy," involves confronting the patient's fears.Before making too many judgments about your dating partner's disorder, it can be helpful to first learn more about panic disorder.

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A panic-agoraphobic spectrum assessment incorporate temperamental features and trait-like manifestations into a comprehensive symptom assessment to provide a detailed picture of the clinical features of PD.

Such an approach holds some promise for progress in studies of neurobiologic basis of panic and may be useful in further efforts to overcome the nagging problem of the ambiguous boundaries of DSM diagnostic categories [53].

The only way she can get treatment that is paid for by OHIP is if she goes to a doctor's office.

But she can't leave the house because it is the only place she feels safe.

In an oversized T-shirt and long shorts, Christy spends our entire interview pacing and tossing a baseball from hand to hand. She does this sometimes, she says, as punishment for what she puts her husband through. "If a physician sees a patient in the home or any other setting, the physician services are insured," stated the email reply.

"Services provided by non-physician mental health professionals are not insured." In three years, Christy has not found a doctor in Hamilton qualified to treat her agoraphobia and make house calls.She has barely been out of their house in three years because of her agoraphobia.Her husband has rarely been out of the house in a year because he refuses to leave her there alone.He is sitting in the tidy dining room of their west Mountain home, morning sunlight streaming through the windows. Still, she finished high school and enrolled at Mohawk College in the child and youth worker program. They go nowhere, apart from the few minutes to the mailbox. The last time Chris was really out was a year ago, for his mother's funeral. Christy has been diagnosed with agoraphobia, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder as well as bulimia and PTSD.Sunlight he will feel on his face for a few precious seconds later in the day as he and his spouse, Christy France, 33, execute their one faithful outing into the world. During a work placement at a shelter, she collapsed from hunger. My heart was pounding." Chris remembers everyone staring at his wife. "I didn't understand it." Just days after that, the couple moved into the house they live in now. He now works in the basement at home, but he can't get out to install his finished product because Christy can't be without him. For awhile, a doctor from the Mc Master family practice unit came regularly to the house. Once, he even managed to get her outside, onto the sidewalk.The results of the authors' research efforts to date support the idea that the panic-agoraphobic spectrum is a robust and culturally transferable construct with important clinical implications for patients with mood and anxiety disorders.


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