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After the raised this and other issues with the College this summer, it hired respected retired judge Patrick Le Sage just before Labour Day to examine its disciplinary practices.

One of Le Sage’s jobs is to “consider whether the College’s communication and publication practices prior to and following a hearing meet current standards of transparency.”To determine how many teachers’ identities are kept secret, the obtained copies of all decisions that the College makes public on its website or in its magazine.

The message read: "Here's how Hudson spelled Ta-Nehisi Coates: Tonahese quotes." Another teacher replied: "F****** idiot." Not content with just slamming students, leaked messages revealed what teachers said about the same girl's parents. There is more to success than where you go to school.

Jeremy Chiappetta, he school's director said: "I want to be crystal clear, many of the comments written are deeply disturbing and offensive.

"As the founding school leader, executive director of the organisation, and parent of three scholars in the program, I am deeply saddened and disappointed.

Typically, the teachers received a reprimand or short suspension.

In its investigation, the also found teachers who help students cheat on provincial EQAO tests; a teacher who ridiculed students’ religious beliefs; a teacher who repeatedly hit or manhandled students; a teacher who flirted with a Grade 7 girl, sending her what a judge ruled (though the teacher was acquitted of sexual assault and exploitation charges) were “sexually charged” text messages including “lots of love” and “can’t stop thinking about you, I didn’t want you to leave today.”In some cases, a summary is published on the watchdog’s website and in its quarterly newsletter, without the teacher’s name or school.

Of the 49 cases published in 2010, 35 did not identify the teacher.

Of the 43 cases published in 2009, 20 did not identify the teacher.

The identity of scores of bad teachers and dozens more each year is kept secret by the profession’s watchdog — the Ontario College of Teachers.

That’s because the watchdog — a self-regulatory body — granted them anonymity after the teacher pleaded guilty or “no contest” to certain allegations.

The college has three main committees that sit in judgment — investigation, discipline and fitness to practise.

Typically, a three-person panel has two teachers and one public member.

A teacher who repeatedly took photos of Grade 8 girls with his cellphone.

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