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Humans was nominated for BAFTA, TLTD and The Fall as well. That's why Colin isn't particularly well known outside of the UK and why Colin Firth and Emily Watson got more pr despite having smaller parts. No you’re not Jay are you and until your brave enough to put yourself out there and show the world who you really are you shouldn’t throw stones. And it will air in irish and german cinemas in may 2018 .

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HP is coproduction of few european countries including Italy. Reply-to: The only person whose angry is you but I clearly struck a nerve. Harmless gossip is good but ripping a woman you’ve never met to shreds is not cool and says more about you.

Humans was nominated for BAFTA, TLTD and The Fall as well. I could do with a laugh though so come on, share your SM profiles so we can gossip about you :) I’m sure we’d all like to see what perfection looks like ;-)The costs for " The Happy Prince " were about 13 million dollars .

‘too bad I cannot see you ‘face to face’ Is that a threat? I’m sure Bradley, Colin and Angel would be so proud to inspire such craziness. Now ignoring the ‘white noise’, does anyone know when Medici is due for release? my name is Fátima Rocha Martins, l do not speak English, l do not write well. l'm a fan of Angel Coulby , Colin Morgan and Katie Mc Grnat. if one wasn't already familiar with Oscar Wilde, then it wasn't clear what was going on. Sorry, but Colin`s career is not rather good, he had success in primitive and stupid Merlin, but not along - together with Bradley. are very miserable " - your brain is very miserable too ! Nothing changed in The Fall without Colin and his Leo in Humans is not interesting and boring.

She trolls people because she has been congratulated. This place bags on the looks of Jay, Angel and Georgia. 👍👍👍👍👍You're the most vulgar and most stupid person in the whole forum . Happy Prince is an indie film - produced by some creatives who have no pr or distribution in-house.

So excuse me, but I will continue with the comments yes ... If you are someone who thinks this forum is silly, what are you doing here?

I find it amusing how two adults behave as teenagers on social networks. Go read a book or watch a movie or review the Merlin series.

We’ll come on Ms Troll why don’t you share your IG profile so we can judge you the way you judge others. The page was offline for a while due to processing and a fatality Now it is again oneline . That's because HP was made outside of the studio system.

"I think you're asking why would Italy pick up distribution rights to Happy Prince when Italy is one of the four countries listed as co-producer?

))) When you insult Bradley and spread your crap - it`s normal for you, but your beloved Colin is beyond criticizing? Colin failed his character in The Fall, his acting in L&D is very average and boring and after Merlin threr are no any remarkable characters. I am not going to discuss about it with mad Morgan`s fan. We didn't talk about Colin or Eoin before and now this is main subject. "You know that Sundance is very prestige and Happy Prince was picked also for Berlin Festival."I did know that, yes.


  1. In 2010, Cusack joined the Showtime drama/comedy Shameless as Sheila Gallagher (née Jackson) the mother of Karen Jackson (Laura Slade Wiggins).

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