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Since big files cannot be sent through the mail with google drive, you can send big documents easily.

The interesting part is that those files you saved you can access it anywhere by just logging in to your account. When you urgently need it you can just visit a café and login you account then save the document to your external storage for use.

You can easily use camscanner to pictured it when your device is on and save it to your google keep as simple as that.

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With this function, you can save all your scanned documents to your google drive and other cloud accounts you have or installed on your smartphone.

oogle drive is a wonderful google product that saves us the stress of losing crucial documents, With the free version, you have 15gig free space.

With WPS Office on your smartphone you can read a pdf file, Ms Word file(.doc) , excel file(presentation .ppt).

You can also edit all the formats, re-adjust it and save it.

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It is the crucial and precious document you should back up.

You can share all these documents you have saved to your love once easily.

You just have to take pictures of all the pages then camscanner with filtered it and it will look sharp, clean and legible then you can convert it to pdf with the camscanner app.


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