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It’s very hard to find one good one in a barrel of bad ones.

Thanks for your time and for advice is appreciated.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked in the personal development industry, helping individuals unlock the power of the mind.

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I just ignored him and was saying to myself “keep rolling because I am not even checking for you.” My daughter looked at me with a shocked face like “MOM” I told her I was sorry but told her I was not looking for someone who plays loud music, cornrows,saggy jeans and a white tee.

How do I talk to her and let her know about them with out bashing?I don’t want to talk down about BM to my daughter but I am not going to sugar coat it either.One occasion she and I were driving and a BM pulled along side of me and was looking my way.How would you feel if one of your daughters wanted to date a BM?I know some are good but a lot of them have deep rooted issues with black women. It’s something that I have been concerned with for a while and since you have daughters I thought I would bring this question to you.


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