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And while the flange would have been far better were it made of brass, banjos with it produce the sound associated most closely with Scruggs and bluegrass, and bring the highest prices.Today, 13 of the 16 Granadas made from 1929 to ’37 with a flathead tone ring and one-piece flange are known to be in the possession of collectors and musicians. Mainer’s Mountaineers, another was purchased by Scott Wiseman, who performed as part of the duo Lula Belle and Scotty.This is it.) I owned a 1927 TB-3 archtop conversion, so I was accustomed to the feel of a pre-ww II Gibson, but to say that I was in any way prepared for this would be a lie.

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Most modern day banjos are of the 5 string variety, the fifth string providing that driving, chiming sound that makes for bluegrass and mountain banjo.

Banjo meant jazz and blues, was played with a "plectrum" (pick), and was a 4 string affair.

These are generally considered to be the finest examples of 5 string banjos ever made, and some fetch upwards of 100,000 dollars.

Prior to WW II, only a very few country artists were in the market for a 5 string banjo (most made their own), and Gibson made very few.

Just unbridled, get the hell out of my way, pure, pulsing 5 string banjo.

One of the things I remember about my 27 TB-3 was the petite nature of the finish.

It was in my lapre: Before WW II, dating back to the 1920s, banjo production was very high. Lest you think this meant bluegrass, remember this was 25 years before the term was coined.

Of all the models made, there is perhaps only one Style 5, with it's garish art deco designs, in existence.

The Granada combined many features and appointments that have always appealed to bluegrass players, and is simple and tasteful compared to the ornately decorated/carved and painted upper end of Gibson’s Mastertone line of the ’30s – the Bella Voce, Florentine, and All American.

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