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in a magazine interview [which might have been made up by the writer], CC says her first g/g was with Nina De Ponca (or Da Ponca), and this might be it. Her second scene is with Jon Dough, dressed in the Boy Scout uniform [though he? Both scenes are also recycled in All Night Long, though the beginning of Carol's scene with Wallace is again not shown.) For the front and back covers and spine, go here: (July 1, 1989 ?

On the other hand, she had another g/g with De Ponca in The Scarlet Bride, released the same day according to AVN, so that might be it. Carol's scene, which had been turned into five or six clips scattered through the video, seems to have been shot for this video, but all other scenes, without Carol, are from California Taboo, which AVN says, in a review of CT, was released nearly a year afterward, on May 1, 1990 Even stranger, the reviewer also says that CT was shot three years before its release!

Bet Black has some of the same sets and locations as Girls of Double D, Part VI, and Carol is wearing the same red wig as in Go DD VI, so both videos might have been done in the same session. And a year or two before Carol started doing adult videos . .) It was also reissued as part of Cinderella's low-priced Insatiable Gold series of videos. Participating ladies besides Carol include Aja, Nina De Ponca, and Cheri Taylor.

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But since she had two scenes, and introduced each scene, I doubt that all her footage would be eliminated.

That cheap reissue had a different cover than the original. after appearing in this video, with her only anal scene, which might suggest that doing anal was the last straw for her. Of course, if her time as a porn goddess lasted only a year, or less, ? could be accurate without proving any cause and effect.)#The Love Button (June 1, 1989 -- later reissued as Digital Love, date unknown.

I haven't posted the video box's cover, but many thanks to Jakehikki, who has, here: (March 1, 1989 ? The article on Wikipedia (not a very reliable source, I know) claimed this [g/g with Frankie Leigh] was Carol Cummings' first video, which I doubt.

IAFD gives the title of this one as just "Bustin' Loose," the words which are in big type on the video's box. The article is no longer on Wimpypedia, I should mention.

A few months back, I decided that I wanted my 300th posting to be one of Carol Cummings, but I wasn't sure I was going to post any more X- or R-rated pics of the lady (and I'm still not sure, but I won't go into that now), so I posted a bunch of vidcaps of her, not nude, with the field of view limited to her from the shoulders up -- and that vibrant face, of course. So, I'll try another PG-rated posting, this time using tight scans of just the lady's face, with the exception of the first pic.

Apparently, some moderator has deleted one of my posts (a post in which I explained why I might not post new nude photos of the lady has gone missing, so, ironically, that might be the one), causing my 300th post to become merely the undistinguished post 299.

Those usually had footage cut from the original, and even sometimes eliminated a scene altogether.

Since I don't have a copy of the Insatiable Gold edition, I don't know if Carol's footage is uncut, or even if some has been eliminated.

s true that she made no adult videos after 1989, the date of shooting would be much earlier for videos released after 1990.

Her five R-rated theatrical movies, however, may have been filmed after she put the brakes on her adult performing.

These pics of Carol Cummings in her blonde aspect (possibly sans wig) come from a German magazine called Sex Up #3.


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