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Includes software needed to operate a motorized dome, telescope, and cameras.

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Gnu Auto Tools Extension Allows running libtoolize, aclocal, autoheader, automake, autoconf, and configure from a menu, dialog driven system.

Can also be used to create a deploy-able project from scratch using the New Project interface as you would with a C ...

id=com.qualixium.nbtips Aspect J-for-Net Beans: Plugin for working with Aspect J in Net Beans.

This plugin will help you find, group and close your editor tabs.

It skips the rebuild, restart, and redeploy cycle common in Java development.

See what the Nimbus LAF looks like compared to the CDE/Motif LAF!Here a PD is used as a measurement for describing preference information of decision makers (DMs) to some value of an objective.A hierarchical model for analyzing the preference information is then deduced by defining objective domain of discourse (ODD), fuzzy degree domain of discourse (FDDD), factor domain of discourse (FDD) and sensitivity vector.Download my Net Beans tips and tricks Android app: three new code generators: constants, fluent setters and builder.In this paper we attempt to propose a method for preference degree analysis in multiobjective decisionmaking problems(MDMPs), called the multiple factor analysis method based on a hierarchical analysis model.


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  2. If the C of the stream DIC is determined, in theory one can calculate the relative contributions of these two sources of carbon to the production of stream or groundwater DIC and carbonate alkalinity.

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  5. With more psychologists and clients using social networking sites, practitioners face ethical concerns they may never have considered before. This feature will provide you with updates on critical developments in psychology, drawn from peer-reviewed literature and written by leading psychology experts.

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