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Included in the 16 spells of this well-rounded assortment are two spells each for different oil formulas, covering a wide variety of interests and intents.

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Holland's Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences: A Ritual Handbook For individuals who use spells, rituals, charms, and recipes as part of their spiritual path, correspondences are often an important part of magick.

Author Eileen Holland, a Wiccan priestess and solitary eclectic witch, began noting correspondences when researching the ancient names of plants while living in Egypt.

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Grimoire For The Green Witch: A Complete Book of Shadows Wine of the Circle Casting, Elemental Air, Elemental Earth, Elemental Water, Elemental Fire, Great Lady, Lord of Shadows, Holly King, Oak King, Perform Ritual, Wild Hunt, Horned God, Waning Moon, Solar Cross, Suggested Times, Triple Goddess, Happy New Year, Hidden Face, Wheel of the Year, Waxing Moon, Great Lord, Green Witchcraft, Merry Solstice, Drawing Down the Moon.

Magic spells are employed in the practice of witchcraft, Wicca, and Wiccan magick.

Black magic spells and white magic spells, while somewhat branded by their monikers, can be used for good or evil depending on the will and intent of the user.

The Original Book of Witch Oils, Spells & Rituals A unique collection of 16 powerful black and white magic spells and witchcraft rituals based on and written in harmony with the magickal properties of witch's oils.

Excellent resource for rapid familiarization with the various uses and strengths of oils and spells.

Spells, incantations, conjurations, talismans, potions, charms, hexes, rites, rituals or invocations, or any similar or related tool or practice, can be and are, regularly employed in the practice of witch craft, Wicca, and Wiccan magic.

As true magic can, and often does, wield great power over beings, forces, and inanimate objects depending on the type of magic employed, it is paramount that the heart, mind, and intentions of the practitioner be pure, good, fair, and just.

Their philosophy has expanded to some degree due to their public association but overall their basic tenets remain intact.


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