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She didn't allege sexual harassment but did accuse the company of not really fixing its 'toxic' culture after the public blow-up in 2014." border="0" class="slide-image-large on-image" /publicly commented that lawsuits like this make him "VERY afraid to hire more [women].

It just seems like such a huge risk as CEO." His comments went viral and he later retracted, apologized and deleted them." border="0" class="slide-image-large on-image" /was rejected from an important Google-led professional organization, the Kubernetes Community.

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Women are feeling hopeful that this time, a new crop of women speaking out will really shift things. Women have been speaking out about sexual harassment for years.

Here is a rundown of the current sexual harassment scandals rocking Silicon Valley, along with the long history of how the tech industry got here.

The thing is, his alleged harassment of another group member had taken place outside of the group, before he even joined.

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Instead of attempting to sweep things under the rug, companies are investigating these complaints and the men involved are publicly apologizing, resigning, getting fired, and being asked to leave professional organizations.

It's a rock-and-hard-place situation for the tech industry.Travis might have a chance at becoming "a person like other people" if he could just snap out of his insular world, which consists of porn theaters, driving to dangerous places, and obsessive loathing for blacks and all that is sexually devious.Travis's attempt at dating Betsy by taking her to a pornographic movie is also part of his own "morbid self-attention." Instead of trying to become a social person, he tries to drag Betsy into his anti-social world, one where the only place to go is the intrinsically anti-social porn theater.He handles each of these tasks the wrong way: porn theaters are not appropriate places to take girls on dates, and his swearing makes Palantine uncomfortable.Yet Travis does seem to be making an effort to fit in.Roger Ebert has noted that the line "Well, I'm the only one here" echoes the central theme of the film, loneliness.

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