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This was when I had gone over to see him in his country.

When we broke up, I told him that we could probably still be friends, but that I would need some space before that could happen, and that I would contact him whenever I was ready for that day.

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It is highly likely that the series will be completed with the current commentator, assuming that they agree to it.

The reasons for a lack of updates has been twofold; the major one being the falling out I had with my co-commentator, and the other being health-related.

So to recap: When I returned home, he contacted me immediately, wanting to know how I was.

While this was technically a breach of our agreement, I let this slide as I was obviously very sick when I left, and I could understand that he just wanted to know what was wrong with me.

This was in spite of the prior agreement we had, on top of never getting a meaningful response from me, other than to remind him that I did not want to talk to him.

This was across many different email accounts, as well as texting my phone, and essentially using any shared media between us to try to get a message to me.

I’ll henceforth refer to him as my ex to make things easier.

We bonded over our appreciation of shared hobbies and simply became good friends, which then progressed to a relationship. Obviously, things did not work out between us, and we broke up mutually in January 2017, towards the end of my stay with him.

I know that people watching my latest series will be very confused at this.

About a month ago I made the first four updates of this series private, never again intended to be viewable on my channel.

However, twitter is not the best platform for following a story spread over numerous tweets, so I’ll document the details here for posterity.

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