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He swiped the brush through his own hair, and packed it up.

He headed outside, and stood by the tori, lighting a cigarette. The guy looked like a thug with short-cropped hair, a pencil thin mustache and a body like a brick shithouse. "It's even weirder then the time Isshin and I ended up stuck in the damn Serengeti.

As a shadow fell across him, he looked up, swallowing his cigarette.--The shinigami at the gate coughed twice and then uttered a binding spell. But Kenpachi'd bet the first 'Chiru's hairpins that he'd been raised in the Seireitei."Don't try that again, shinigami. Stupid Urahara forgot the Senkaimon, and left us stuck.

So no, there hasn't been any news of Bleach returning in 2016 end or 2017.

And considering that the popularity of the Manga has dropped quite significantly, the producers may be apprehensive about bringing it back.

There have been rumours of a new series as well from Tite Kubo, which may start after Bleach ends. UPDATE: The manga has officially ended after 686 chapters, with a really disappointing conclusion.

There has been no news regarding the return of the Anime or of a new spin off.He'd used his old zoris as a base, and turned them into waraji using spare parts from two other pairs of waraji.As long as anyone didn't look too closely at him, he'd pass."Ken-chan, I can't tie this! She held up her belt."Stay still and keep your arms raised," he said. Whoever it belonged to was shorter and wider than he was, so it probably looked odd. This would be that theme song.)Kenpachi managed to squeeze into the soul reaper uniform.Still, I never woulda tasted barbecued crocodile if he hadn't done that. Inuzuri tensed, trying to figure out the situation and whether he needed to come to the sanseiki's rescue.

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