Man dating white woman

Will clearly has a preference for white women over black women.

And while, as a black woman, I find the thought alone a little off-putting, you can't fault someone for liking who they like.

Most recently, a contestant admitted Rachel is the first black woman he’s ever "dated." With the cast being predominantly white, this comment doesn’t sound like big of a deal.

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For me, the decision to date outside your race should boil down to chemistry. From my experience, whenever a black man in my family dated or procreated with a white woman, it seemed to be to obtain some sort of status, or value that they felt they couldn't achieve with a black woman by their side.

They wanted to have mixed babies with lighter skin or "pretty hair" — as if doing the same with a black woman would lead to less attractive offspring.

And just like Rachel, I've still only really ever dated black men.

To me, Will's excuse for not dating black women felt like just that — an excuse.

This is not that case for all black men who date outside of their race though.

From witnessing the peace that comes with letting a good “Whaboom” off your chest, to getting a taste of what racism and manipulation can do to a black man’s character, the episodes thus far have led to a whirlwind of emotions — both high and low.

On a hot summer day in August 1955, a 14-year-old black boy was hanging out around a grocery store in Money, Mississippi.

His friends dared him to walk into the store and ask the white cashier for a date, so he complied.

But instead of owning his preference, Will deflected his reasoning onto the environment he grew up in. A black man dating white women isn't a problem, but it does come with some hefty baggage I'd be remiss not to mention.

Interracial dating in the black community can be seen as anti-blackness, or a result of self-hatred for some.

I get alot of negative feedback from African American women.

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