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Approaches for doing so include 1) pharmacological manipulations, 2) closed-loop electrical or auditory stimulation, and 3) targeted memory reactivation via sensory stimulation in association with learning and during sleep.

Enhancement of memory storage has been observed in conjunction with enhancement of electrophysiological signals.

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Updating egocentric representations in human navigation

This study proposes to confront the allocentric representation hypothesis with an egocentric updated with self-motion representation hypothesis.

Although egocentric updated with self-motion and allocentric representations are not mutually exclusive, these results suggest that egocentric updating processing facilitates remember responses more than allocentric processing. Memory for events and their spatial context: models and experiments.

This session will focus on current behavioral and physiological evidence for the role of the nucleus reuniens of the thalamus (RE) in memory.

Anatomically, RE receives distributed inputs but projections are relatively restricted to hippocampus (HC) and medial prefrontal cortex (m PFC).

Thus, spatial updating efficiency should depend on set size.

We examined which model better accounts for human spatial updating by having people reconstruct the locations of varying numbers of virtual objects either from the original study position or from a changed viewing position.

The future elucidation of these signals holds promise for producing new insights into neural mechanisms of consolidation.

The discovery of a continuous renewal of neurons in the adult mammalian brain has been a long process.

After two decades of extensive research, the existence of adult neurogenesis (ANg) in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus is definitely proven.

Accumulating evidence indicates that there is a bidirectional relationship between memory and ANg: how and to which extent learning modifies new neurons connectivity, when new neurons contribute to memory and to which memory processes, how alterations of ANg by early life stress determine age-related memory decline, are extensively debated questions.

This symposium will concentrate on the role of ANg in the physiology and physiopathology of memory by bringing together recent advances in this field.

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