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Many couples stop having sexual intercourse in the second half of their lives. If, in a couple, everyone is okay with that, it's not a problem.

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Women say performance is no longer interesting to them, that they try to develop the ability to be erotic and seductive. Women can be initiators because they can reassure a man and show him that he can explore this kind of sexuality. You mention women who reach their sexual peak after the age of 60. For example, the famous French composer Michel ." That is exactly what makes it erotic. He can't make love as he did when he was 40, so he just allows himself to not know what is going to happen, to be slow, to be sensual.

You take your time, be tender, be playful and deepen your emotional fields. They both said they experience a kind of spiritual sexuality. and he said, "Your book is exactly sexual mindfulness." It's making love with consciousness, connecting with the other and this circulating of energy – yin and yang.

As a teacher he knew that and used it to seduce my daughter,” her mother told AFP.

There is no minimum age of consent in France, which does not treat sex between an adult and a minor as rape unless there is proof of force.

Marie de Hennezel says the women in France don’t try to regain the sexuality they had in their youth, but instead, are open to a completely new and different kind of sexuality.

Philippe MATSAS/Opale/Leemage Men get creative too. When a beloved wife loses interest in sex, an aging musician, determined to remain faithful, finds a new outlet through erotic encounters with an imaginary lover in his dreams.

But something struck me when I was reading books written by American women.

There was a kind of obsession with looking young at all costs – women must be sexy, slim and do aerobics and have wrinkle-free faces.

If she's open to discovering new things, if she's interested in a creative life, an intellectual life or a spiritual life, she brings something to another person.

The men I interviewed said they were more attracted to an older woman full of desire, experience and charm than a cold, younger woman who lacks self-confidence.

What do Frenchwomen know about sex after 60 that others may not?


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