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BAFF alumni, including Professional Interns, Graduate Scholars, and Research Scholars, are eligible to apply.

Include a description of any associated events, such as faculty symposia or student seminars.

If admission will be charged, indicate who will be responsible for selling and distributing tickets.

Public Organizations: In a separate document, describe, in free format, the rationale for both the topic and the speaker. Provide a brief explanation of the benefit to be gained by both your organization and the speaker.

If this is a proposal submitted by multiple organizations working together, describe the benefits you expect to gain from your collaboration.

Funding is not intended to cover regular conference participation.

Travel funding is intended to cover only expenses that are not reimbursed by either the applicant’s Baltic organization or the inviting organization.Provide a media and publicity plan for the event describing the media opportunities for your organization and your guest speaker, e.g., interviews and event coverage.Finally describe the criteria you will use to evaluate the outcome of the event. BAFF provides successful applicant organizations with financial support to sponsor American speakers on topics of mutual importance and interest.Cross-Baltic institutional cooperation and programs with opportunities for student participation are especially encouraged. Speakers should be chosen according to the interests and needs of the sponsoring group. S.-Baltic ties is a core value for the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, the strongest proposals will provide opportunities for bilateral learning and exchange of ideas between U. speakers and members of Baltic sponsoring institutions.Baltic experts who have been invited to present at major U. In addition, proposals that include collaboration between similar groups or institutions within the Baltics and those that contain educational components for secondary or university students will be given special consideration.


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