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This category wants change, and is willing to debate and compromise with civility on the modalities of what constitutes change.This is the backbone of progressive societies where consensus is won by the power of collective visions bargained on behalf of the intellectual health of the community. Can Moroccans learn that disagreement is part of the universe?It takes years of interacting with new cultures to understand their values; it only takes one published article to unjustly expect visitors and tourists to Morocco to be expert sociologists. Fact or fiction, it is important to note that many overlooked heart wrenching sentences like this by the author of the article published on MWN: “On any given day, I could walk through the souq in Fez or in the streets of El Jadida and be stared at, called to, and generally harassed.

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This category can be very troubling, because it emanates from a deviated chauvinistic sense of patriarchal authority.

The second category is one that is passive and is accepting to all sides of thinking with a high sense of peaceful coexistence regardless of the frictions that exist in their environment.

All consideration given to the stereotypes that one may have of a culture.

Many of us who live abroad may realize that it is very hard to integrate into new cultures.

What I find truly a matter of displaced argument is when many absolve to annoying and sometimes borderline incitement to violence against someone’s opinions.

Here is a sarcastic response by one of the insightful readers about the negative response by someone who republished Katrina’s article in an her blog:“Also, good work exposing her identity so internet trolls can send her personal hate mail.That some Moroccans are driven by an insatiable need to procreate, search for a better future and date foreign blue eyed women is only natural.Moroccans do not discriminate against all opportunities, especially if one presents itself to search for a better future elsewhere among ‘blue eyed folks around the world’. I don’t think so, but it is possible to put the readers in these categories: destructive reactionaries who hide behind some type of hypocritical moral piety prescribed by their personal sense of professing the absolute truth and dare anyone think differently.She surely deserves rape threats and insults for being goofy, if at all possible”.The maturity of our dialogue lags when it lacks a fundamental ingredient: Respecting each other when we disagree.Everyone has the right to weigh on the merits and content of any given article, essay, statement, and point of view to the extent that they offer a platform for debate, constructive debate, wise debate, inquisitive debate with a healthy dose of wisdom.

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