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I like the older ones best as they have the best hoods - which are always best worn up ! Of out today in a navy blue one, and probably wear my grey one tonight.

I just love wearing them, I did as a kid in the 80's and still have the same feelings towards them today.

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I own every colour made in the orange lined parkas including 2 rare blue lined Millets ones. I have 4x Jon Jo parkas - black, green, maroon and navy, I do like them, but I have about 10 Lord Anthony ones.

I have a Black Label navy parka that's nice and a couple of Crossbow's. Its kind of unusual that although they look the same, each parka as its own uniqueness, slightly different padding, varying nylons, some have nylon lined pockets other don't, some have 2 press studs at the bottom side by side, some are staggered.

Here in the West Midlands you still see some old boys in their old parkas, I'm one of them.

I love all the buttons, zips and press-studs on them. The colours I have are - black, navy, green, brown, pale blue, royal blue, maroon, grey, bright orange and a royal blue with a yellow lining!

Also draw cords on the hoods, some have them, some don't.

You are right I have a three unbranded ones I bought in early 2000s in black, green and navy blue from the a/n store and they are great.It is amazing to wear and I feel great in it and I love it. I wear a tee shirt under my parka so I can wear my parka for as long as possible, even indoors. I rode an upright roadster bike with three speed gears and I still do.I love to sit in the chair with my hood up and fall asleep. Lovely comfortable bike which I ride wearing my parka.I had a walefields one in the mid 80s which saw me through 3 years at my local comprehensive school.By the end it was a bit tarry and the once orange lining showed up the 3 years build up of grime but I still loved it :-).I feel in a world of my own and it is a real turn on for me.. I keep my nice new black N3B for best it has a lovely thick furry hood.

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