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Early on 1983, the company acquired the rights for a massive distribution of a twelve action figure collection with a card similar to the one Kenner used but completely made in Mexico.

The first figures to be announced on a TV spot by April were Luke Skywalker on Bespin fatigues, Han Solo in Bespin Outfit, Darth Vader, Yoda The Jedi Master, See-Threepio and R2-D2 (known to the kids as AR-TU-RI-TO). Little was known about the actual title for the third movie of the saga (Revenge or Return) so as soon it was confirmed the Return of the Jedi title Lili Ledy went on producing cards reading "La Guerra de las Galaxias: El Retorno del Jedi" this was a correct translation but a word hardly used in Mexico.

n de las Nieves) and TIE Fighter (Nave Imperial), the latter was discontinued almost immediately.

At the end of the cardback a sticker was added (stating the product guarantee) over the Lili Ledy logo and address.

For the second wave scheduled for late september 1983 the following figures were made: Lando Calrissian with Skiff Guard Disguise, Ree-Yees, Klaatu, Squid Head (Hombre Calamar) and the Guardia Gamorrian; all five had the same card with the Retorno del Jedi logo.

Matching the release of Return of the Jedi movie by December of the same year, Lili Ledy changed the logo from "Retorno del Jedi" to "Regreso del Jedi" (a more accurate translation) and two new figures went out to the market: Cacique Chirpa and Logray.

Clothing variations: In this category the most known variations involve the clothing for Bib Fortuna and Squid Head but there are also other variations including the Han Solo Trench Coat which can be found in two versions, one with reddish camouflage and the other in brown.

Also they are a little slimer than the regular Kenner action figure.

The "Retorno del Jedi" action figure cards has the same photographs as the Kenner ones with one exception: The R2-D2 had a completely different picture taken from a scene on The Empire Strikes Back.

On the other hand the cardback was exclusive to the Lili Ledy collection..didn?

So its important for collectors all around the world to know that you can find some mint on card Lili Ledy action figures with the wrong weapons but also you can find them with the right accessories.

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