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Large-scale migrations were not necessary to introduce this influence.

We should also remember that the evidence from the Wadi Kubbaniya shows agriculture in Egypt before the great ice age deglaciation.

With the onset of the last great ice age about 30,000 years ago huge glaciers formed on the high African mountains of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

When the great global meltdown began about 12,000 years ago these huge glaciers sent massive volumes of water to the north.

However, melting of the world ice sheets caused a northward shift of the monsoon belt, creating increasingly arid conditions in the once verdant Sahara regions.

The peak of human occupation in the Western Desert took place between 6,500 and 4,700 BC, when weather conditions forced abandonment of those areas.

Unable to credit agriculture at this date some archeologists presume that the people ground harvested wild plants!

(Note earlier discussion that showed the plants could not be processed through grinding.) Decorated potsherds are also found at these sites, showing a more cultured way of life.Some cemeteries in this southern region show an exceptionally high rate of injury caused by stone weapons, suggesting that the dramatic climate changes were affecting human food supplies and survival. Radiocarbon dating suggests the settlements in the Delta may somewhat predate those in upper Egypt.Meanwhile, virtually no evidence exists for human occupation in the Nile valley between 10,000 and 6,000 BC except for a group of very small sites around 9,400 BC at the second cataract. Others may have come from the Levant via the Mediterranean. If agriculture was known in Anatolia and other regions of the Near East in the Natufian cultures from 9,000 BC, and if the Nile was resettled by immigrants from those regions, we should expect that they brought agriculture and animal herding with them.Refer to previous discussion by the Urantia Papers. This chart can be compared with the following table, borrowed from the web site of Francesco Raffael. U-503 and fragments from U-127) The archaeological evidence shows two different emerging cultures, one in the Delta, and one in upper Egypt, centered around the great bend in the Nile, the location of modern Qina, and overland routes from the Red Sea locations now known as Bur Safajah and Al Qusayr.One site in upper Egypt, out of reach of the wild river inundations, showed the gathering of large quantities of fish, and preservation through smoking. Wavy handled pottery (W-class) Brooklyn, Carnarvon knife handles (Naqada IIc-IIIa) (NOTE: Abu Zeidan t.32, which contained the Brooklyn knife-handle, dates early Naqada III) (Hierakonpolis tomb 100). These routes of travel between the Nile and the Red Sea have been known since ancient times.The Sahara saw repeated wet and arid cycles that follow the ice ages over the past five hundred thousand years.


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