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The Table is from Ancient Egypt, A Social History, B. However, penetration of such horticulture may also have come overland from the Red Sea.

Several of the basic food plants that were grown are native to the Near East.

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Some favor the Levant, and countries along the eastern Mediterranean shores. The first possibility is preferred by many archaeologists because they believe the earliest known Neolithic cultures in Egypt were found at Marimda Bani Salama, on the southwest edge of the Delta, and farther to the southwest, in the Fayyum lake region.

The site at Marimda, which dates to the 6th-5th millennia BC, gives evidence of settlement and shows that cereals were grown.

The gigantic discharges flowed out of Lake Victoria and down the Blue and White Nile valley basins.

Catastrophic floods filled the lower Egyptian valley, washing away all villages and burying their shattered remnants in sediment, thus breaking the continuity of human life in Egypt.

With the onset of the last great ice age about 30,000 years ago huge glaciers formed on the high African mountains of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

When the great global meltdown began about 12,000 years ago these huge glaciers sent massive volumes of water to the north.

Although direct evidence for agriculture and animal herding has not yet been found for this early period controversy exists.


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