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Follow our dedicated Windows 8 section for all the latest tutorials, tips and more.When there is a new update available for your Windows Phone 8, you get the notification for this in the settings.Here’s a quick tutorial to help you update Windows 8 apps from the Windows Store. If they are not selected, hover your mouse on the bottom of the screen to find button (see screenshot below). Windows Store should automatically start downloading app updates and install them for you.

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Updating Windows 8 apps through the Windows Store is simple, isn’t it?

We will be posting more quick tips to help our readers who have installed Windows 8 on their computer, laptop systems or using them on Windows 8 tablets.

We’re super excited to be approaching general availability (GA) of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

With thousands of new apps in the Store, there are a lot to choose from and tens of thousands of developers have been very busy around the world creating new apps.

Even though the app store concept is not new for Mac or Linux (Ubuntu) users but for Windows users its something new.

Earlier, users had to either depend on third-party software updater to update installed software or had to manually check for updates.

Even though for software that you install outside of Windows Store may still need to be updated the traditional way.

For apps that you install via the Windows Store, you need to update the apps from the Store itself. Select all the apps that needs update (by default it should be selected already).

But sometimes the final step of migrating apps might be just skipped for some reasons and hence you wont be able to open any installed apps on your phone. people hub, photos, etc.) will not open, only the native settings and apps open. Since the update is installed successfully, you cannot install it again.


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