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The vacation does not go as planned when Kavita makes continuous snide remarks about Tamilian culture.Furthermore, Ananya and her parents overhear Krish falsely assuring his mother that she can treat Ananya however she wants after they are married.

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Any imbalance in team will obviously leave them in dissatisfaction.

He meets his classmate Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt), economics topper in her college, who comes from a conservative Tamil Brahmin family.

Krish and Ananya, initially quarrel, but soon become friends and start studying together.

Having had enough of the insults, Ananya breaks up with Krish and both return to their respective hometown.

Krish and Ananya find it hard to live without each other.

Krish's brash family urges him to stay in Delhi and try to discourage him from his interest in writing.

They also criticize his relationship with Ananya, and tell him to get into an arranged marriage with a Punjabi girl.

Initially, Kavita and her family are hostile towards Ananya but come to like her after she saves Krish's cousin's wedding from being canceled due to a dispute over dowry, she is also accepted.

Krish and Ananya decide to take a vacation with their families before the wedding.

After all his effort, Ananya's family agrees to the marriage with Krish.


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