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Data often thought to be inaccessible from a physical standpoint is now nearly effortlessly attainable.

Most of the tools used by the USB Switchblade have been around for years.

A new class of digitized documents has been added to the electronic resources category, comprising those documents either originally published in print or other formats converted into the digital format.

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Updating internet explorer search engines

The Internet plays a crucial role in the access of information resources.

"Sources of information and other opportunities available via the Internet are increasing exponentially.

It was unveiled that the Internet services are normally used for research.

Also it is observed that the Google and Yahoo search engines are more widely used compared to other search engines.

But, within the morass of networked data are both valuable nuggets and an incredible amount of junk (Tillman, 2003).

When you are looking for information, where is a better place to go than a library?

Information technology administrators and engineers are likely very familiar with some of these tools, just not the deployment methods.

As with the USB Hacksaw, the method of use is what is important.

As with most security strategies, a layered approach applied against USB types of attacks can be the most effective.


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