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Plus, she goes for hiking whenever she can find the time.

When it comes to her diet, i Justine believes in the benefits of a healthy breakfast.

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She has also done endorsement work for the following brands In 2015, she made her theatrical film debut in the comedy movie, The Wedding Ringer, which starred Kaley Cuoco and Kevin Hart in lead roles.i Justine made her first TV show appearance, in 2009 as A. Dunne, in the i Justine relies on an active lifestyle to keep herself fit.

She likes to go on long walks with her pet dog and enjoys jogging down the lovely trails surrounding Los Angeles.

While I always enjoyed her as an entertainer and admired the hard work that goes into creating a constant stream of content like she does, I did not know just how far she had to come to be the famous i Justine that she is today.

She started from nothing, and worked her way to the top.

She loves having toast, eggs, and fruits for breakfast.

She usually keeps her lunch light and finishes her day with a big dinner.

She has received numerous awards for her dedication and work, and I am definitely glad that I pre-ordered my copy of this. I teared up in parts, but mostly I spent my reading time trying to stifle my laughter so as to not wake up my sleeping husband!

Her writing is honest, hilarious, and conversational.

i Justine writes in a comfortable, conversational tone that gives a lot of insight into her real-life personality, as opposed to the online persona she adopts for the camera.

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