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I was living at home with my parents and Steve remortgaged his house – it was a huge risk, I got myself into incredible debt.“My credit rating was only restored in the last three years – about the same time that the country’s was destroyed – but let’s not blame the credit crunch on me!

We spoke about online dating as it was in a real growth phase at the time.“We decided on the white label approach instead of taking on the big dating giants, but we needed to launch a site to build a data base.

We went out and got half a dozen credit cards each and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds paying Google to make sure our ad came at the top of dating searches.”“No, we spent a couple of years juggling the credit cards.

Ninety per cent of our revenue comes from that and our partnerships with 7,000 sites up and running, so it’s a long spread.“We also have 20 of our own sites; Singles365was the first, we also have Dating and Dating to name the bigger ones.

“It’s easy for companies to have their own dating site using our platform, all they need is a link on their site – we power the site, look after all of the backend software, run customer service and provide a vast pool of singles to populate their sites.“The highly successful Guardian Soulmates used a third party platform but they brought it in-house around six to nine months ago and they’ve really suffered because of it.

These FAQs are designed to give you a better flavour of what we're about.. We would ask anyone from places like Eastern Europe, Philippines, etc to make sure you have a fully written profile (If you are a nice, literate Moscow or Manilla based Economics Lecturer who likes to come to London from time to time then of course we want you aboard.

people from anywhere in the world are always welcome.

This was in the mid to late nineties when the internet was really kicking off.

In 2003 I was running a small web agency when I met Steve Pammenter.

I went to university on a Royal Air Force scholarship and studied Psychology and French.

When I graduated I realised I really wasn’t much of a fighter and that the Air Force wasn’t for me.“I took a course in web design.

All affiliate sites have access to this data, but we prefer to let our affiliate businesses do the advertising and branding of the dating sites while using our platform.


  1. Also offers the ability to record and send video messages.

  2. He plucked her from a surfeit of willing women, watching him like vultures before my friend “got” him.’This may be the case in some circles, but is it generally true?

  3. It doesn’t hurt that I have a blue midi skirt that was recycled from a dress my mom wore in the 1950’s!

  4. Of course, there are a number of reputable dating sites out there – so what makes Elite Singles special?

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  6. If you can bounce back from your failures, learn from your mistakes and keep practicing, you’ll slowly become desensitized to the fear of rejection and become unstoppable with women.

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