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I went to university on a Royal Air Force scholarship and studied Psychology and French.

When I graduated I realised I really wasn’t much of a fighter and that the Air Force wasn’t for me.“I took a course in web design.

Revenues for the forthcoming year are expected to hit £36m, it’s just moved to a new headquarters in Waterloo, and the USA is beckoning. That’s because when co-founder Ross Williams and Steve Pammenter decided to jump into the burgeoning online dating market back in 2003, they decided not to take on the global giants like head-on, but instead launch a white label dating business.

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Americans), expats (English speakers living in France, Spain, etc) and travellers (Brits backpacking across India).

We are popular with people that want to meet someone in the UK (e.g.

We spoke about online dating as it was in a real growth phase at the time.“We decided on the white label approach instead of taking on the big dating giants, but we needed to launch a site to build a data base.

We went out and got half a dozen credit cards each and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds paying Google to make sure our ad came at the top of dating searches.”“No, we spent a couple of years juggling the credit cards.

This was in the mid to late nineties when the internet was really kicking off.

In 2003 I was running a small web agency when I met Steve Pammenter.

These FAQs are designed to give you a better flavour of what we're about.. We would ask anyone from places like Eastern Europe, Philippines, etc to make sure you have a fully written profile (If you are a nice, literate Moscow or Manilla based Economics Lecturer who likes to come to London from time to time then of course we want you aboard.

people from anywhere in the world are always welcome.

It remove the three degrees of separation.“That said, my biggest challenge right now is the USA – the Brits are coming!

No-one does what we do in the States, they just have the dominant players like

The best programmers flock to London because it offers the opportunities and the lifestyle that they want.“We have moved into the new office with 20 staff and expect to double that by this time next year.”“It suits us!

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