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Baptists insist that a church ought to determine who its pastor will be rather than having a pastor assigned by a person or a group outside of the local congregation. For example, we are free to worship in our country due in large measure to the sacrificial and unselfish efforts of persons who were part of the Baptist denomination.

Baptists have championed religious freedom for all to worship according to the dictate of conscience without interference of government or religious organizations. Baptists continue to work for religious freedom for all persons throughout the world.“As Baptist principles are peculiar to Baptists, every Baptist church, with all its appointments, from preacher to Sunday-school teacher, ought to stand, in the community where it holds forth the word, for something different from any other congregation.” J.

But Christians of other denominations also hold them, although in some cases with a bit of a different interpretation.

The fact is that there is no single belief or practice that makes Baptists distinctive from other Christians. A combination of beliefs and practices sets Baptists apart from other Christian groups.

In the weeks to come, this series will discuss what that difference is and why it is important.

The Baptist recipe includes several key beliefs or doctrines:–the Lordship of Jesus Christ–the Bible as the sole written authority for faith and practice–soul competency–salvation from sin and eternal death to forgiveness and eternal life only by faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior who is the grace gift of God–the priesthood of each believer and of all believers in Christ–believer’s baptism–baptism and the Lord’s Supper as wonderfully symbolic but not essential for salvation–church membership composed only of persons who have been born again–religious freedom and its corollary, the separation of church and state In order to carry these out, Baptists have organized in various ways beyond local congregations, such as associations of churches, societies, conventions, fellowships, unions and alliances.

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For example, the Baptist General Convention of Texas, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist World Alliance are not separate denominations; they are organizations within the Baptist denomination.

Although some people feel that it would be ideal if all Christians held exactly the same beliefs and followed the same practices, that is not the way it is—and never has been. In fact, some, such as the Baptist denomination, are growing throughout the world. They make a big difference in the lives of persons and in the world.

However, Baptist beliefs about some major matters differ from those held by certain other groups.


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