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She had modest boobs with an unusually narrow waist that flared out to womanly hips and an ass that was broad and toned. I thought she was already attached.""Oh, she's constantly attached. Overall, she was a walking wet dream for most guys."You know," said Melissa, "you're not supposed to tell your girlfriend that another woman is 'gorgeous'.""Oh, right. What I meant to say was that I could see how some guys might find her attractive, but she's a pestilent old hag compared to the radiant, heart stopping beauty of my lovely, funny and brilliant Melissa."A cushion from the couch hit me in the back of the head."Hey! "No disturbing the chef or dinner will be ruined." I tossed the cushion back at Melissa."Since it's you cooking, dinner is probably already ruined.""Oh, ouch. Of course, I don't have your genetic advantage."Melissa looked puzzled. No guy can ever compete with that."Melissa opened her mouth to say something but then looked at the can of furniture polish in her hand and at her homemade Hors d'oeuvres laid out on the coffee table. "They would if they knew what you two have been doing."I went back to cooking and let the girls talk. We opened some cheap wine, and I proposed a toast."To Susan. It's so dark in here."We looked over and Susan was standing by the windows, looking out.

I could look at Melissa all day and never grow tired.~~~~Melissa had invited Susan, her best friend, for dinner. I knew Susan a little through one of my close friends, and it was she who suggested that Melissa and I should meet."You did actually talk to her before, right? We were still laughing and calling each other mean names when the door buzzer sounded. She kissed Melissa on the cheek and when I extended my hand to shake hers, Susan pulled me close and kissed my cheek too."So, you're the guy who saved Melissa.""Nice to see you again, Susan. Who insisted Melissa and I meet, and is therefore the cause of her imminent ruin." The girls chuckled, and we clinked glasses. Then she took a breath, shucked off all her clothes, and put them on a chair.

Everywhere its cat-calls on the street and macho dipshits who want to claim me as some trophy."I paused. ""The 'hey baby, drop that loser and come be with a real man' thing. We chatted and joked, getting to know each other, even getting into arguments about politics and religion. I started getting up to look for a napkin but Susan pulled me back down, smiled evilly. I kept at her for several minutes, playing, doing things I knew she loved, experimenting with other things to see how she would react, bringing to the edge trying to keep her there without going over.

Susan studying me intently at the start of dinner didn't help, but soon, she was joking and telling embarrassing stories about our Melissa. But I guess that's what's made us such good friends, huh? And where else could I try such a thing with people I know and can trust? Melissa and I sat on the couch and sipped our drinks. There was barely enough light to see even her outline. You really are a changed woman, Melissa."Then Susan noticed I was looking at her expectantly."What? But I'll do anything for Melissa if it makes her happy, and it is just us after all. When I reached down, I discovered she was already completely wet. Melissa's delightful little pussy was glistening in the candlelight, ready to accept anything I want to do to her.

Susan said "I never knew that getting your brains fucked out would have changed you so much, Melissa." She eyed me for a reaction. Guy troubles."I poured us all more wine and said, "Okay, Susan, that's what I don't get. Nudity is really only a sexual thing in North America, you know. "I was surprised, and Melissa, looking at me, seemed surprised."Susan, are you really serious? I expected Susan to sit in one of the chairs on the other side of the coffee table, but she plopped down right beside me on the couch."So," she said. "We laughed, then I did my best "Joey from Friends" impression and said "Hey, how YOU doin'? Sitting here naked beside my best friend's boyfriend. a few months ago she was certain she'd be dragged to hell if she even looked at a guy. We have pineapple, orange slices, strawberries, grapes and gum drops.""Gum drops are a fruit? " she said."I get to do the next one."Susan leaned forward and speared a strawberry. We'd just have to see."~~~~I led Melissa down the dark hallway into her bedroom and left the door open. She ran her hand lovingly over my cheek then said, "Do it. Then I felt the bed shift and beautiful, naked blonde-headed Susan was right beside me.

Arrogant assholes are always trying to get in her pants. "Sounds like you've been reading nudist propaganda or something.""I don't know. You mean you're still prancing around without clothes? Susan was clearly intrigued so I said, "It's not a big deal. No, I mean try going without clothes at home sometime. You should just do it at home.""That's not the same, is it? I've got bigger targets than you." She glanced down at her boobs. I turned to Melissa and fed her a chocolate covered strawberry. Susan dipped some pineapple into chocolate and moved it towards her mouth. Then Melissa looked at Susan and said, "Flip a coin? So either we kick Susan out right now, or in three seconds she's going to be watching me jump you.""I see. I reached out with two fingers and stroked down along the hood if Melissa's clit. I stroked her with my thumb then lightly licked her clit with just the tip of my tongue.

And nice guys think they don't stand a chance and stay away."Susan said, "Guys have been hitting on me since I was like, eight.""Well, that's disgusting," I said."Welcome to my world. I never even considered approaching you when we hung out at the bars with Doug.""See? Then it might be me telling Melissa how happy I am, instead of the other way around."I didn't know how to process that odd comment, so I said "But you can approach guys too. But guys see my pictures and think they're fake, or I'm trolling, or a hooker. I have found a few good guys.""Well, that's great.""One guy moved away, another got tired of macho guys challenging him.""Challenge him? Like Melissa said, it becomes normal pretty quickly. If we hadn’t all been a little drunk, we wouldn't have been having such a conversation. When dinner was cleaned up, Melissa and I joined Susan on the couch with a fresh bottle of wine. I watched as a glob of chocolate dripped onto one breast. I looked up at her, licked my lips like a puppy and gave her a pleading, hopeful look."Oh for fuck's sake," she laughed. "Both girls thought that was absolutely hilarious."See if I ever get naked with you two again," I said. As always, Melissa responded so beautifully, gasping, writhing, and trying to push my face into her as I teased and licked and massaged.

I hear there’s a big demand for nuns right now."Susan gasped and Melissa threw a dinner roll at me. Susan did the same to Melissa, and when she leaned across me, her large chocolate-covered tit slid across my chest and coated me. When I paused to keep her from going over, Melissa looked down and reached for Susan's hand."It's so good," she breathed. This time I inserted two fingers into her little opening and started fucking her with them as I gently sucked and tongued her clit.

Melissa laughed, "You're such an asshole."Susan said, "So are all this guy's jokes this same 'dad joke' level of quality? "Imagine how bad the jokes would get if he ever did became a dad? So I pulled her head to my chest and rubbed her face against it. I don't want to get any on the couch."We stood up and Melissa turned on a table lamp. When I raked my thumb up along her asshole, Melissa arched her back as her tunnel started squeezing my fingers rhythmically in orgasm."Huuuuh," she groaned, holding my head to her. Make you come."Susan looked back to me and saw my expression. I really wanted to, especially now that it was clear that Melissa was okay with it. She blinked, and then closed her eyes, pushing her face against my hand.

Melissa soaped up my chest while Susan started cleaning my back. No guy has ever made me come."Melissa exclaimed "But you've been with lots of guys.""Not 'lots'. We fucked like hungry beasts, so in love, so in lust. Besides, if I don't get out of here right this second, I'm going to rape your boyfriend."Melissa gave her friend a look of understanding then pulled my face to hers. I had been with Melissa long enough to be able to read her reactions well, but Susan was unexplored territory.

Melissa briefly ran her hand over my dick and balls, trying not to excite me. But most have been too interested in getting themselves off to bother much with me.""But fucking, er, I mean 'boinking'...""That never does it for me.""Oh it does for me." said Melissa. Guys have done that to me and it's just been kind of... Then finally, I pushed hard into her as deep as I could go and with a growl, filled my beautiful (something seems missing here). I thought he was going to break you in two."~~~~The three of us lay there in silence as the candles cast wavering shadows around the room. She studied my face for a moment then whispered, "Do it to her.""What? I played and teased, trying things I knew Melissa loved, trying other things just to see Susan's reactions.

"Totally childish, you guys""You started it," said Susan. Again, there was only enough light to see shadows."Thanks," said Susan. It does help to keep the lights off.""Well," I said, "we're not going to find the bathroom without some light." I lit a candle and held in front of me as I led the way to Melissa's bathroom.~~~~Melissa started the shower and I set the candle on the counter. Three people in the apartment's little bathtub shower was a tight fit. I slid up on top of her, my dick easily finding her opening by itself, and pushed into her warm tunnel. It was a beautiful sight, and the heady scent of her arousal excited me more.

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