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The individual bedrooms are warm and inviting and brightly accented with original paintings.

Large bouquets of fresh flowers are abundant throughout the Inn.

I spoke with City Guide Patricia Duff, who works for the United States Coast Guard in their Lighthouse Divestiture program.

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Mile Rocks lighthouse was automated and then closed in the 1960s.

The tower was removed, and the base is used as a helicopter landing.

It was automated in 1961 and the keepers house removed. Point Bonita—This lighthouse in the Marin Headlands, built in 1855, marks the entrance to San Francisco Bay.

It was the first fog signal on the West Coast using a cannon, a predecessor to later bells, gongs, horns, and sirens.

The Coast Guard still has access to the properties because the lighthouses are still used in navigation as a day mark.

Pats job is to prepare the documents, including environmental analyses (yes—they all used lead paint), and make them available.Lime Point—Established as a fog signal station in 1883 on a projection of rocks by the Golden Gate entrance, this lighthouse is now under the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.The first prob-lem it encoun-tered was land-slides from the hill above it, which now sup-ports the Golden Gate Bridge.In some cases, locals made agreements with the Coast Guard to take over the site.This happened with the East Brother Lighthouse in Richmond, where they kept the historic buildings and opened an inn.The cozy living room, with its fireplace and deeply tufted Italian module seating, is a marvelous place to unwind -- just great to curl up with a good book and enjoy a brandy, compliments of your hosts.


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