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Her options are so limited, it takes a while to get to a "date." One trick with her is to not "chat," or at least don`t do the last chat option, until you can at least stroke her arm and build some relationship.

And yeah, make sure you have at least 0 to buy her a dress - nothing boosts the relationship faster than that blue dress!

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Riley Requirementsrnrn Sex With Riley: 250rn Flirt With Her: Relationship 120rn Take Her in Your Arms and Kiss Her: Relationship 90rn Push Her on the Sofa: Relationship 80 (Choose the Thigh)rn Decide to Kiss Her: 50rn Try on Blue Dress: 40rn Buy The Blue Dress: $500rn Try on Shoes: 35rn Caress Her Arm: 20rn Save Desires chat discussion until you buy the dressrnrn Requirements for Amelia and Stellarnrn Stellarn Sex With Stella: Negotiation 70 Relationship 200 Perfumern Date With Stella: Negotiation 30 Relationship 50rn Touch Her Knee: Relationship 30rn Flirt With Her: Relationship 20rn Whisper Dirty Things in Her Ear: Relationship 15rnrn Ameliarn Sex With Amelia: Fitness 70 Relationship 150 Perfumern Date with Amelia: Fitness 30 Relationship 50rn Squeeze Her Boobs: Relationship 50 (Choose spread her legs)rn Kiss Her Neck: Relationship 40rn Ask Her to Dance for you: 30rn Say She looks Sexy While Sucking Her Finger: Relationship 15 This game took me a long time to finish. At the end, the love making sequences were not up to the mark.

There should be more graphic, showing the genitals areas more vividly in order to have an immersive sex gaming experience. Riley`s the hardest to get but kinda worth (you`re based too much on randomness factor to make the sale and buy her the dress which may leave you with not enough time).

Go at the bar to take a drink if you need morale (or to the park, if you have no other solution).

If you can`t reach 65 points of negotiations and if you can`t sell the "Inspira Plaza 77th floor" before day #12, you arereally unlucky, so restart from the beginning.

20 days of complimenting boobs is a little ridiculous. Start by studying Stella`s notes, and having drinks at night.

You should be able to make your first sale before you run out of drink money.When I saw the announcement for the game I expected seduction of clients while selling a house.The way the game is structured, the protagonist might as well have been working in a bank or pretty much any number of other jobs. Took me a while to find a good strategy but the girls were easy to figure out except for Riley.Day #5: Office: Sweet spring 256 (result based on luck): Success.(if you fail try again until you sell it) Boutique: Silky Tie, Running Shoes, Pool cue. Office Inspira Plaza 77th floor (result based on luck).: Success (i`m lucky, if you are not try again until you sale it) At this point we suppose that we are already at day 12 in the morning, because you can`t be lucky all the time.*** Say she`s got amazing eyes (click on her face) Caress her arm (left arm) Ask her to try on sexy heels At the left of the right knee.: "Caress her thighs" "Ask her for a date" *** Click on her right boob: "Ask her to play with her breasts for you" Click on the heart of her necklace: "Push her onto the sofa" Click on her mouth: "Tell her that you desire her" Offer her a glass of wine | Click below her knee at the right.: "Caress her calves" Take her in your arms and kiss her Flirt with her Leave *** Your place Stella *** "Tell her that she looks ravishing today" "Chat with her" "About her plans for the future" "Say that she is the best boss" "Flirt with her" "Whisper dirty things in her ear (right shoulder)" Between her legs, at the top of the stockings.: "Spread her legs" "Touch her knee" (click on her knee) "Leave" *** Boutique Riley. I bought the silk tie and have excellent relationship with Stella, but I can`t trigger the conversation about inviting a VIP customer. You can also go back to the title screen and load back to the beginning of the day if you screw up before going onto the next day. Like the girls, and the sex scenes were decent enough.

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