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He said that his country respected other countries' independence."…It's for Zimbabweans to decide, not us. Khama said Zimbabwe needed new leadership to deal with a political and economic implosion that has dragged down the whole of southern Africa since 2000.He said that the long-time ruler would not be able to solve the southern African country’s woes.For the first and last time, the professionals working for Dragoman put up our military-style tents, and welcomed us to an unfamiliar world.

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Overlanding evolved from ex-Army trucks, and family trips demand military discipline to avoid unravelling in a mess of kit and recrimination.

Every piece of equipment has its place beneath the belly of the truck, and everyone has a designated task, Lunch would have lent itself to being filmed on a time-lapse camera: truck pulls into shady grove, everyone piles out, tables and chairs unfold from two to three dimensions, salads appear from nowhere, a kettle whistles in the wind, washed-up plates are waved in a crazy semaphore to dry them, everything is safely stowed and the truck disappears leaving only tyre tracks.

Over the next 19 days we paying passengers remained supremely impervious to the tricky business of organising a journey through a precarious part of the world: Mat used his expertise from crossing a million African frontiers to navigate through the jigsaw of post-colonial borders, Ellen negotiated park and campsite fees, and Denford shopped – often trailed by a procession of youngsters keen to learn the secrets of on-the-road alchemy.

#We shared a daily regime of dismantling tents, helping prepare meals (according to a meticulous rota), packing up the truck and hitting the road – which, this being Africa, sometimes meant the road hitting us with a volley of blows only partially dampened by the shock absorbers.

Geingob said this while speaking at the Columbia University in the US. we regard it as a Zimbabwean problem," Geingob was quoted as saying.

Answering a question by a Zimbabwean student who wanted to know Namibia's position on Zimbabwe's situation, the Namibian leader said that he would not publicly rebuke Mugabe, and that it was up to Zimbabweans to fight for change in their own country. Good leadership qualities Geingob's remarks came just less than a week after Botswana’s leader Ian Khama urged Mugabe to step aside.

From the gloop of the same primordial soup that created humanity have emerged elephants, giraffes and rhinos, and they have all plodded over for a drink.

Far away, a lion roars (though it sounds more like a deep, throaty bark) to remind the more vulnerable animals of their place in the food chain.

Then there is Neema, the truck that would bear us across rivers, frontiers and salt pans for 2,000 miles.


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  4. This seemed to be one of the best features of my life in Tel Aviv.

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