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Somebody with malicious intent may use this to their advantage when trying to correlate your dating profile to other web content.

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If that professional headshot is still in a cache associated with your dating profile, he or she can use Tineye to match it to your corporate bio that shares the same photograph.

If you’ve changed your username, he or she may be able to find the previous version.

There are two sets of clues that can give away important personal information in your photos. Consider: is there a window in your photos, and are there identifiable buildings or landmarks outside of it?

Were your photos taken in an apartment building or dorm that can be easily identified in other people’s photos?

The photos are visually similar enough that the search engines’ algorithms can draw a connection.

Ultimately, this means that if you are interested in privacy, you should never reuse a photo or set of photos that you’ve used elsewhere on the internet (at any time) on your dating profile. Reuse isn’t the only situation in which photos can compromise your privacy.Aliases and usernames have become a big part of our personal online presence, and we often feel tied to them when we register for new sites and services.This can be a great was to build an online identity, but it can also make it trivial to tie our activity on various services together.performs a broader sweep of services for usernames only, immediately flagging services where a particular username has been registered.This is an easy way for someone with malicious intent to draw connections between a dating site profile username and your ‘real’ life, even if your profiles are correctly private or hidden.(The use of photo editing tools also becomes blatantly obvious, which can be a cause for some embarrassment.) Ensure you remove identifying metadata from photos before posting them onto your dating profile.


  1. He said: “It's notoriously difficult to judge the size, distance and speed of an object in space.“I think UFO hunters misunderstand agencies such as NASA and ESA.

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  4. Research suggests that those who are socially anxious (Green, 2001) or introverted (Amichai-Hamburger et al., 2002; Rice & Markey, 2009) feel more comfortable communicating online.

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  6. Because I interact with people from many countries and cultures, I’ve adopted the rule that I tend to let them set the tone and style of our interactions.

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