Youtube video views not updating

For instance, If the computer sees that this is happening a significant number of times, it’s a good indicator that video is not quality, and You Tube can look into it.

When it comes down to it, your views are a currency, and when views are coming in one by one and you have a fairly low amount – under 300 – the validity of the views don’t have to be worried about too much.

Not only is that a lot of information to verify, but the computers are looking for more than just a count of the views.

Some channels are also monetized so that the amount of views a channel or video gets is related to how much money that business owner or person makes.

Because of this, views are incredibly important to a large number of people, and not just having views, but having verifiable and valid view counts.

There are some ways that clever techies can essentially trick the counter into thinking there are more views, and of course, someone can watch their own video over and over to try to raise it if they aren’t logged in.

Since validity and security is a priority at You Tube, they set up a system that freezes counts at 301 until the validity of those views can be verified.

The viewer’s computer sends a request to the server where the video is cached (to You Tube, essentially), and the video is returned.

When the video is returned, a little message is put into a log.” into Google and the search engine will answer with more than 1.3 million responses.It’s a frequent query from online video neophytes and usually happens moments after the uploader starts freaking out about why the view counter on his or her video has been stuck at just above the 300 mark for the last several minutes and/or hours. The view count on his or her video is actually on a temporary hold, but it’s all part of You Tube’s algorithm to ensure only legitimate views are added to the tally.But once you start going over 300 and the video begins to receive a lot of views, You Tube wants to make sure that those views are valid, nothing is being tampered with, and that your view is providing value to your audience.You Tube may repeat this process if you start getting a really high volume of views, as well, again to ensure quality and security.Computers have many systems and algorithms to make sure that this isn’t happening, and in a day or so your views will rise after they have been counted and verified.

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