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Every time he sees the username Gold Skate88, Katsu92's stomach can't help but do a flip, but how will this affect his upcoming Grand Prix competition?

By “reducing the heightened sensitivity of the glands penis with topical anesthetics,” the drug improves performance time without affecting the “sensation of ejaculation.” To test it, the researchers recruited 300 men who had a history of lasting only a minute (or less) in bed.

Two hundred of the men used the spray, while 100 of them received a placebo.

Rey is incredibly lucky to be training with the only Jedi Master in the universe.

But she's still stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere with only a handful of people. With the right antennae and the satellite in just the right position, she can hold a video call.

I work out of town a lot and when I do, I try to stay in shape and make it to the gym --- One night after riding the bike nice and hard, I went up stairs, changed into my bikini and shorts and went back down for a soak in the hot tub--- As luck would have it there was one lone... That afternoon, I came home from shopping and he was getting the back porch ready for the card game. When I walked back and said hi, he told me who was...

I know my husband doesn't care to go shopping with me, but I wanted to find that special something to liven up our upcoming vacation, and I had just the shop in mind. About a year ago my wife and I were staying at a hotel the night before we had a flight for a vacation.

There weren’t serious side effects other than complaints of occasional loss of erection—for the men, that is.

For their partners, there was the little matter of a “burning sensation of the vagina.” Which leads to another question: Does the spray make sex at all desirable for the other person?

Inspired by Janie94's wonderful story 'Traveled Back Down That Road'.

This story can be read without knowing her great foursome, but it is some kind of sequel and I highly recommend you to read it. Anthony finishes his video edits for the day and when his longtime boyfriend, Adam, doesn't respond to Anthony calling out his name, Anthony goes to investigate.

They call what they sell club wear, but in my book, it's called perfect. A perfect summer day , I had been nude at an unofficial suburban beach and was walking through the streets of the area in just loose , high-cut running shorts without underpants . Our room was on the second floor and had a clear view of the pool which was one floor down and to the right of our room as you looked out our window. high above the altar, rigged on ropes to work on two pieces of sculpture, a marble wash.

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