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Now I’m no Floyd, not even near that realm, but what other choice did I have than to bide my time, pay attention, and look for opportunities?

They don’t see all they’ve accomplished, the good things that they’ve done, and only dwell on what they Others refuse to see themselves as they truly are in a different light. The story above is one I’m proud of, and will always be able to go back to. Keep your ideal in mind from time to time, because this is what you’re working towards, but always be objective about where you are.

They refuse to accept their weaknesses or identify their strengths. If there’s one thing you can do in this world that will lead you to both happiness and success, it is to accept your reality, and to make the best of it. Stand in the world as it is, in your world as it is, and make the best of it with what you have. Where I could have looked for an out, I instead stood and fought. Don’t embellish your successes, nor your failures, just be real. Now, identify what it’s going to take to get from where you are, to where you want to be. Do it for your physical development, your emotional and spiritual and mental growth.

I stood up, the alarm still ringing, and collapsed back on my bed. I had to weigh-in for a fight that would be later in the evening, and I was as sick as I’d ever been.

This was my first time cutting weight for a fight, and my first fight at 152 pounds (welterweight in the amateurs).

As kids or teens or in college, they thought they’d be a hero, a millionaire, or a billionaire by now, but they aren’t.

They are, on some level, depressed with what they’ve accomplished and who they’ve become, whether they’ll admit it or not.

So while I could drink some water and eat a bit of food, I couldn’t go overboard. You want to get working, even a tad tired, so you walk into the ring completely ready to go to war. Between rounds the ref came to my corner, threatening to call the fight if I didn’t start throwing some punches.

Needless to say, to my fault, I left my cutting too close to my fight. You don’t want to have to take a few rounds to warm up, because getting your ass kicked in those first rounds could mean being knocked out if you didn’t take enough time to warm up (a lot of fighters chew gum before a fight to warm up their jaws because of that fact). So we hit pads lightly before he called it off, told me to sit down and rest, and wait for the fight in front of me to be finished. I was going to weather the storm then look for my opportunity to attack. What he didn’t know was that through the entire first round, I was looking for patterns.

Where I’ve wished I were somewhere else, and wished my circumstances were different.

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