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If you’re interested (and you should be, it’s damned good! Imagine this, a beautiful girl walks into the room… They’ll usually point out that power, money and looks are the key factors in attracting females.

) then read it here: and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments! Although those factors might help, they certainly aren’t the only things and definitely not the most powerful ones.

If she replies, then you got a good change of seeing her again.

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The definition of a demonstration of higher value, more commonly known through the acronym DHV is simply a statement that increases your social status relative to the people around you.

Originally introduced by Mystery, Erik Von Markovich, who showed that demonstrating higher value increases your attractiveness. The definition of demonstration of lower value, or DLV for short is to do or say something that makes you less valuable in the eyes of the girl that you’re currently pursuing.

For the first time ever, I came across a website called Way Too Social that offers information on science backed dating advice, discussing things from the importance of making girls smile all the way to developing a long term relationship.

So let us take a look at some of this science backed advice: Smiling is contagious, and by smiling at her she will automatically smile back.

The idea here is to make her feel good as studies show that by simply smiling you start to feel good…

however, the trick here is to spot a genuine smile and make sure she is not smiling back just because she feels sorry for you.

The list can go on, but honestly, unless we are blind or self-centred, we know when a date went well or not…

and if you are not too sure, send her a short concise text letting her know you had a good time.

David noticed through trial and error that one of the most effective ways of sparking attraction early on in an interaction is to say something that is funny with a hint of cockyness.

Although this is only one of the many techniques that he teaches, this is probably the most popular one simply because it’s easy and effective to do.

Starting off any relationship with dishonesty and cockiness is a recipe for failure.


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