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AVES.110076 - Conuropsis carolinensis ludoviciana (Gmelin, 1788) - Carolina Parakeet - specimen - video.webm, Naturalis Biodiversity Center - RMNH. 1921)Real-Time-Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging-(MRI)-during-Active-Wrist-Motion--Initial-Observations-pone.0084004.s001.ogv, Real-Time-Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging-(MRI)-during-Active-Wrist-Motion--Initial-Observations-pone.0084004.s003NASA Landsat project scientist Jeff Masek talks about the recovery of Yellowstone and how Landsat satellites detect its burn scars from space.ogv, This multi-colored animation shows the different fires that ignited, combined and spread throughout Yellowstone from Jun.

AVES.110115 - Conuropsis carolinensis subspecies - Carolina Parakeet - specimen - Ceres Dwarf Planet-Occator Crater-Dawn Flyover-20161215.webm, PIA20182-Ceres-360Video-20151208.webm, Permanent Shadows on Ceres.webm, Video-Flight Over Dwarf Planet Ceres-20160129. Finale, Allegro assai appassionato.theora.ogv, 20091104 Joshua Bell and Sharon Isbin - Paganini's La Silla Time-lapse MPGESO 2.2-metre Telescope.ogv, La Silla Timelapse 161109.ogv, La Silla Timelapse 211109.ogv, La Silla Timelapse 241109.ogv, La Silla Timelapse 271109.ogv, La Silla Timelapse General view.ogv, La Silla Trailer.webm, Stars Rise over La Silla.ogv, Time-lapse Over La Silla.webm, Timelapse of Unique Cloudscape over La SRGB gamut within CIELAB color space mesh.webm, SRGB gamut within CIELCHab color space mesh.webm, Visible gamut within CIELAB color space D65 whitepoint mesh.webm, Visible gamut within CIELCHab color space D65 whitepoint Man from Egypt-Larry Semon-Vitagraph Company of America-1916-De Egyptenaar-Intertitles in Dutch-720 x 404.ogv, Worries and Wobbles - Larry Semon - Vitagraph Company of America - 1917 - EYE FLM7472 - OB 685679Ghassaei Beest Walking Paths traced.gif, Ghassaei Beest walking with six legs.gif, Klann Linkage Walking with four legs.gif, Klann Linkage Walking with four legs - alternative measures.gif, Klann Linkage six legs.gif, Plantigrade walking 4 legs.gif, Strandbeest walking with four legs.gif, Strandbeest walking with six Les Vampires - L' Evasion du mort (1916).webm, Les Vampires - L' Homme des poisons (1916).webm, Les Vampires - La Bague qui tue (1915).webm, Les Vampires - La tête coupée (1915).webm, Les Vampires - Le Cryptogramme rouge (1915).webm, Les Vampires - Le Maître de la foudre (1916).webm, Les Vampires - Le Spectre (1916).webm, Les Vampires - Les Noces sanglantes (1916).webm, Les Vampires - Les Yeux qui fascinent (1916).webm, Les Vampires - Satanas(1916)Hela 4xegfp SPIM.ogv, Hela 4xegfp SPIM transmission.ogv, High-Speed-Imaging-of-Amoeboid-Movements-Using-Light-Sheet-Microscopy-pone.0050846.s005.ogv, Live-cell-division-dynamics-monitoring-in-3D-large-spheroid-tumor-models-using-light-sheet-1747-1028-6-22-S9Balkans Animation 1800-2008.gif, Non-Native-American-Nations-Territorial-Claims-over-NAFTA-countries-1750-2008.gif, Non-Native American Nations Control over South America 1700 and on.gif, Political Evolution of Central America and the Caribbean 1700 and Classic 4beats passing 2juggler 6balls side.gif, Passing 3jugglers 9balls Feeding 2-4-4beats top.gif, Passing 4jugglers 12balls N-shape 4-2-2-4beats top.gif, Passing 5jugglers 15balls 4beats Star Digital holographic microscopy video showing cell division of unlabeled JIMT-1 breast cancer cells..ogv, Historic phase contrast microscopy video, CIL39288.ogv, Time-lapse video of 16-cell purple urchin embryo, CIL15792Naturalis Biodiversity Center - ZMA.

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