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Once I started trusting it completely, my life improved immensely; my career is better than ever, I make better relationship decisions and have settled down in a home and city that didn’t feel like “settling” to me.I now have everything I could ever want and need, and I truly believe that the power of intuition led me there.It takes a long time and a high level of intimacy to get to a higher level of understanding to appreciate what an INTJ has to offer, and it takes even longer to that we are as genuine as we appear.

They exist, but they are as rare as you are, so it is best to accept and cherish these differences early on, in order to avoid frustration as you get older.

Relationships Are Challenging Following my notes about intuition and being different from typical women, once you are in a relationship, it will always be challenging.

This is a difficult realization, as my intuition often coaxed me on an alternative path from what my heart wanted at the moment.

When it came to relationships, I have spent nearly 8 years single, due to trusting my intuition in the dating process.

Your Intuition Is Never Wrong INTJs have incredible intuition, and it is one of the greatest gifts we possess.

I have ignored my intuition on countless occasions, only to be proven that my initial gut feelings were accurate.

Take them on a road trip with stops along the way that deal with the historical significance of the area you are in.

If you are a young INTJ female, you have likely already spent most of your life feeling as if you are different, in every way.

It took me a long time to come to terms with my differences.

At nearly 40, I have learned so much about myself and how the fact that I am an INTJ has affected my life path.

INTJs show love and affection differently than most people, and this will be another challenge in any close relationship.

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