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As a result of the high altitude and aridity during the winter months, the diurnal temperature range is large, resulting in cold nights (an average low of 1 °C (34 °F) in January). Occasionally, temperatures can go above 30 °C (86 °F) while cold fronts from the north can push temperatures below −5 °C (23 °F).

By the 16th century, the first conquerors who crossed through its territory were Cristobal de Oñate, José Angulo and Gines Vazquez del Mercado, the latter attracted by the illusion of the existence of a large supply of silver; he had ultimately discovered a special deposit of iron, which now bears his name.

In 1562 Don Francisco de Ibarra, the son of one of the celebrated founders of Zacatecas, explored the region and founded the Villa de Guadiana, near the old settlement of Nombre de Dios which soon became known as the Nueva Vizcaya in memory of the western Basque area he was originating from, then called Biscay.

Made of quarry the building consists of two levels: the first is a portal with voussoir arches, supported by padded ornamental columns.

The second level of the portal, showcases the main balcony with a prominent bell; a replica of the "Campana de Dolores".

According to the 1921 Mexican census, the city had a population of 67,456 of which 21,300 were European immigrants.

The city of Durango is located in the northwestern part of the country, and Midwestern part of the Mexican plateau.

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During the Spanish colonial era the city was the capital of the Nueva Vizcaya province of New Spain, which consisted mostly of the present day states of Durango and Chihuahua.

In 2014, the city had a population of 565,300, The city of Durango was built on a wide valley in which a primitive Spanish village named Nombre de Dios was founded.

On average, Durango receives 529 millimetres (20.8 in) of precipitation per year and there are 59 days with measureable precipitation.


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